Attention Middle School Baseball Coaches

Discover 25 Fun & Effective Drills For a Winning Middle School Baseball Team!

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📦 What's Inside

The book is broken down into 5 sections, covering every baseball skill you need to know.


5 Hitting Drills

Teach your kids the proper swing. Build bat speed, power and confidence at the plate.

Soft Toss & Go
Step & Launch
Two-Ball Soft Toss
Live Pitch
Bunting Drill


5 Pitching Drills

Boost your velocity, refine your mechanics, improve your control and get more batters out!

Step Drill
Fence Drill
Hit the Ball
Live Pitch
Stepping Drill


7 Throwing, Catching & Fielding Drills

Build a rock-solid, error-free defense to dominate your opponents and win more games.

One-Knee Drill
Outfield Crow Hop
Wall Throw
Short Hops
Bare Hands
Throw, Catch, Tag
Drop & Scoop


3 Base Running Drills

Learn how to run the bases with speed and smarts. Get more extra-base hits, more stolen bases, and manufacture more runs for your team!

Tagging Up
Box Drill
Knee High Base Running


5 Game Situation Drills

Prepare your team for real games with live hitting, base running and fielding. Master critical situations and win more ball games.

Bunt & Run
Swing 4 Two
Tag Up with Crow Hops
Baseball Scrimmage
Double-Up Line Drive

🙌 Simple to Use. Easy to Teach. Guaranteed to Get You More Wins This Season!

Each drill is broken down with detailed, step by step instructions that anyone can understand. So you can skyrocket your team's skills FAST - and start winning more ball games TODAY!

Age Appropriate

Every drill in this collection can be used with middle school age players. We rated them from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest). So you can pick the drills that are best for YOUR team.

Detailed Diagrams

Each drill includes detailed diagrams showing every hit, throw, run and catch. So they're easy to understand and follow (even if you're new to coaching).

Step by Step Instructions

Everything is broken down with step by step instructions, including the purpose of the drill, how to set it up, and how to run it. Plus, suggested coaching tips and modifications for different skill levels.

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