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Here's a Quick Recap of What You Get

Hitting Fundamentals & Techniques

Online Video Clinic - 52 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • A simple 5-step process for teaching the perfect swing
  • Developmental hitting drills to create and reinforce proper mechanics, including the Stick Drill, Target Drill and more!
  • How to master the vocabulary of hitting
  • Valuable coaching tips to improve bat speed and power
  • And a lot more!

Baserunning Fundamentals & Techniques

Online Video Clinic - 57 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • Form-running drills to increase speed and agility
  • The right way to take a lead
  • How to make an explosive turn, for more extra base hits
  • How to perform a safe, effective pop-up slide
  • And a lot more!

Pitching Skills and Drills

Online Video Clinic - 46 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • The fastest, most effective way to teach pitching mechanics
  • How to disrupt the timing of hitters
  • How to increase pitching velocity without sacrificing control
  • Key drills to strengthen the arm and avoid injuries
  • And a lot more!

Infield Skills and Drills

Online Video Clinic - 44 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • Fun, effective practice drills for developing essential throwing, catching and fielding skills
  • How to read "short-hop" grounders and field them cleanly
  • Simple drills for mastering the art of the double-play
  • The key routes and angles for effective infield play
  • And a lot more!

Outfield Skills and Drills

Online Video Clinic - 40 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • How to develop the basic fundamentals of outfield play
  • Throwing drills to improve power and accuracy
  • The best way to field fly balls, line drives and ground balls
  • Footwork techniques to get to the ball quicker
  • And a lot more!

Game Situation Defenses

Online Video Clinic - 67 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • How to practice common defensive scenarios, so every player on the field understands their role at game time
  • How to avoid miscommunications and costly errors
  • A simple system for backing up and covering bases
  • The best drill for simulating game situations in practice
  • And a lot more!

Bread and Butter Position Drills

Online Video Clinic - 52 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • How to teach fundamental fielding skills in a fun, simple way that really "sticks"
  • Five "daily development" drills for catchers
  • Five "daily development" drills for pitchers
  • Five "daily development" drills for infielders
  • Five "daily development" drills for outfielders

Every session is taught by the one and only Bob Bennett - American Baseball Coaches Hall of Famer and one of the winningest Division I coaches of all time!

Watch and learn as Coach Bennett works with real youth baseball players, provides simple step by step instruction and corrects common errors along the way.

And that's not all. The Platinum Video Package also includes two exclusive bonus gifts valued at $69.00!

Bonus #1 - How To Coach Your Own Child Audio Seminar

MP3 Audio - 39 minutes long - $19.00 value

  • How to navigate your parent/coach role in the most productive, loving way possible
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes and traps parent/coaches fall into
  • Simple proven ways to get better athletic performance out of your child, without stressing your relationship.
  • And a lot more!

Bonus #2 - Getting Parents On Your Side

Online Video Clinic - 42 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • How to turn even the most difficult, overzealous or stress-inducing parents into your greatest supporters - step by easy step!
  • How to prevent conflicts over playing time, batting order, or position selection
  • The ONE thing you MUST do to ensure a conflict-free season!
  • How to educate parents and get them to “buy in” to your coaching philosophy (so they let YOU do the coaching)
  • And a lot more!

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