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Youth Baseball Fundamentals

Online Video Clinic

Upgrade your order to include the Youth Baseball Fundamentals Online Video Clinic and you'll see exactly how to perform all the drills inside your practice plans.

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This online video clinic package contains 2 hours and 19 minutes of video covering every technique and tip you'll need to build a championship-level team.

Here's a quick summary of what's included:

Youth Baseball Hitting & Baserunning

Online Video Clinic - 36 minutes long - $29.95 value

  • 6 CRITICAL stance tips every youth baseball coach should know (4:05)
  • How to launch towering line drives using a little-known ball-tracking technique (6:18)
  • 7 killer hitting drills designed specifically for youth baseball, including the "Tire Drill,"One Hand Drill," and "Rapid Fire Drill."
  • The amazing "Color Ball" drill that immediately improves hand-eye cooridnation (19:25)
  • A huge (and dangerous) baserunning mistake most young players make (28:01)
  • The secret to getting a powerful jump off the bag when stealing a base. (30:33)
  • The A-B-C formula for teaching safe and effective sliding technique. (31:44)

Youth Baseball Fielding

Online Video Clinic - 38 minutes long - $29.95 value

  • A simple footwork technique that allows your outfielders to get an explosive break when chasing a fly ball (3:14)
  • The BIG mistake almost every young fielder makes that robs them of speed and quickness (especially in in center field - 6:11)
  • Exactly how to execute the crow hop. Step by step instructions and demonstrations that make it easy for young kids to learn (13:06)
  • The secret to playing a ball off a bad hop. (19:40)
  • A fun little "Roll-Ball" drill that immediately and permanently teaches your kids to maintain a good ready position in the infield. (28:08)
  • 4 simple and easy infielding drills that show your players how to cleanly catch a ground ball, then release a throw to first base with the speed and accuracy of a Howitzer cannon! (32:25)

Youth Baseball Pitching

Online Video Clinic - 34 minutes long - $29.95 value

  • How to teach pitching technique in an easy 6 step process. Perfect for explaining the basics to new pitchers... even if you've never pitched yourself! (2:39)
  • 1 simple drill that helps your pitchers deliver sizzling fastballs that are practically impossible to hit! (6:14)
  • The TRUTH about teaching the curveball to young players. And exactly what age it's safe to start practicing it (9:07)
  • 2 fundamental rules coaches MUST consider when choosing a pitcher (16:55)
  • How to inject your pitcher with maximum confidence on the mound. You'll learn the exact words of encouragement that really work for Little League players (22:34)
  • Exact pitch count limits for players under 15. Ignore this and you could be risking the long-term health of your players! (26:30)
  • What to do when a pitcher has arm or elbow soreness. Hint: total rest may not be the answer! (32:10)

Youth Baseball Throwing and Catching

Online Video Clinic - 31 minutes long - $29.95 value

  • An easy 7 step drill that immediately trains players to throw and catch like a pro. (1:30)
  • How to teach young kids to throw with the accuracy and precision of a laser-guided missile. (HINT: it's all about "telling time" with the glove arm) (4:13)
  • A huge (and dangerous) throwing mistake that most Little League players make... and exactly how to fix it. (6:00)
  • Answers to the 5 most common questions coaches ask about throwing and catching mechanics (10:36)
  • Why practicing UNDERHAND throws actually helps your players learn to field ground balls without making errors (27:01)
  • 12 simple drills to develop top-notch throwing and catching skills... even if you have a limited amount of practice time (28:27)

That's 2 Hours and 19 Minutes of Incredible Video Instruction!

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