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The step by step descriptions in your PDF downloads are very detailed and more than enough to help you implement these drills with your team. But if you're like me, nothing beats a video demonstration.

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Fundamental Pitching Drills

Online Video Clinic

Upgrade your order to include the Online Video Clinic today and you'll see exactly how to perform all 31 pitching drills described in the PDF reports.

Plus dozens of wickedly effective coaching pointers, troubleshooting tips, and practice routines you can take right to the field!

This online video clinic package contains 2 hours and 29 minutes of video covering every technique and tip you'll need to develop an all-star pitcher!

Here's a quick summary of what's included:

Pitching Basics & Fundamentals

Online Video Clinic - 38 minutes long - $30.00 value

  • A simple technique for getting more wrist snap on the release (boosts velocity by 2-4 MPH - find it at 9:55)
  • The two-inch grip "tweak" that instantly improves control on your fastball (11:27)
  • The #1 key to throwing an effective changeup... it's not what you think! (22:45)
  • And a lot more!

Mechanical Drills for Pitchers

Online Video Clinic - 41 minutes long - $30.00 value

  • How to spot and correct the most common pitching mistakes. Plus - simple drills to refine your mechanics and boost velocity!
  • A "brick" drill that trains pitchers to get a high kick off the back leg. This is critical for maximizing speed on your fastball (12:31)
  • A little-know "chair drill" that helps pitchers finish over the front side leg. Instantly creates a more powerful follow-through! (27:55)
  • And a lot more!

Fielding Drills for Pitchers

Online Video Clinic - 34 minutes long - $30.00 value

  • The best drill for helping pitchers field comebackers and make an accurate throw to first (11:09)
  • How to teach your pitchers to cover the bag with the proper timing and position (18:11)
  • A fun drill for covering home plate after passed balls - this is KEY for preventing unearned runs! (29:15)
  • And a lot more!

Game Day Routine for Pitchers

Online Video Clinic - 36 minutes long - $30.00 value

  • A detailed step by step plan for pre-game warmup. Exactly what to do in the bullpen, and once you get out on the field (9:34)
  • How to widen the strike zone and encourage hitters to chase unhittable pitches. All the great MLB pitchers have this down pat!
  • What to do AFTER a game to make sure you recover quickly with no arm or shoulder pain (24:20)
  • And a lot more!

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