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As you already know, there are many important pieces to running a successful baseball team. Teaching the fundamental skills of hitting, fielding and baserunning. Staying organized and running an efficient practice. And keeping your team motivated and organized.

To truly reach your team's true potential this season, you need to mastery every element of being a successful coach.

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  • 79 simple, fun and effective drills for hitting, baserunning and fielding
  • 31 time-saving "printables" to streamline your coaching process, save time, and help you have more fun with your team
  • 10 pre-designed practice plans, complete with time blocks, drill descriptions and diagrams to save you TONS of time and energy
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Here's a quick rundown of everything that's included:

Essential Baseball Printables

($19.95 value) - 31 useful templates and worksheets to save you time and energy!

  • Printable hitting charts, pitching charts and lineup sheets to give you a tactical edge
  • Printable team handbooks, contact sheets, and roster sheets to streamline your team management
  • Printable achievement awards to motivate your players

Essential Baseball Hitting Drills

($19.95 value) - 15 fundamental hitting drills for mechanics, bat speed, and power

  • Colored Ball Toss Drill
  • Tennis Ball Drill
  • Blind Tee Drill
  • Weight Hitting Drill
  • And much more...

Essential Baseball Defensive Drills

($19.95 value) - 15 fundamental drills for throwing, catching and fielding

  • Alligator Drill
  • Lead Runner Drill
  • Line Throw Relay Drill
  • Pickle Drill
  • And much more...

Essential Baseball Baserunning Drills

($19.95 value) - 15 game situation baserunning drills to help you manufacture more runs

  • Slide to the Bag Drill
  • Squeeze Play Drill
  • Sacrifice Play Drill
  • Runners at the Corners Drill
  • And much more...

The Indoor Practice Planning System

($14.95 value) - How to run a safe, fun, and effective indoor baseball practice

  • 8 indoor drills that can be done in any enclosed space.
  • Perfect for fieldhouses, gyms, or any "rain out" location
  • Three detailed practice plans for 60, 90, and 120 minute indoor sessions

The Baseball Tryout System

($14.95 value) - How to run a stress-free tryout at any competitive level

  • How to document your tryouts and protect yourself from political issues
  • Our patented Team Selection Matrix - a simple tracking system for evaluating players
  • What to look for at each of the 9 baseball positions
  • How to value the importance of athleticism, coachability, and potential

Essential Baseball Practice Plans

($19.95 value) - 10 pre-designed practice plans complete with time blocks, drill descriptions and diagrams

  • Three 60 minute practice plans
  • Three 90 minute practice plans
  • Four 120 minute practice plans

That's 10 Practice Plans, 79 Drills and 31 Printables

All explained with step by step instructions, detailed diagrams and coaching tips. So you can learn these techniques and start using them at your very next practice - tonight if you want!

And the results are fast too. Every drill in this collection was chosen for maximum gains in minimum time. If you put the work in, I guarantee your team's skill level will SKYROCKET in just a few short practices...

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