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A Complete “Color By Numbers” System
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The focus is on fundamental skill development for kids 8-15 (stuff ALL youth coaches need to know).
You’ll learn EXACTLY how to teach your kids to:

  • Crush the ball with lightning-quick bat speed and titanic power (even if they're small or skinny)
  • Instantly eliminate fielding errors and stop dangerous baserunners cold in their tracks
  • Completely dominate a game from the pitchers mound with mind-blowing velocity and pin-point control (your opponents will SWEAR your pitchers have the ball on GPS remote control!)

Over 42 Wickedly Effective Drills Designed Specifically For Youth Baseball Teams

Here’s what’s really cool:

  • Everything can be learned quickly. You can master these secrets - from the comfort of your home computer - in less time than it takes to watch a ball game on TV.
  • It’s easy to teach to your kids. Each drill is taught using a progression, with step by step instructions, coaching tips, and demonstrations by real youth league players.
  • No coaching experience is necessary. Even if you’re a totally raw rookie, you can completely transform your players skills using just a few of these “building block” techniques.

These are simple-to-learn, wildly effective secrets that will catapult your kids to a new level - no matter how lousy your team is playing right now. The improvements are stunning and dramatic.

Your Players Will “Get It”
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You’re probably hungry for more details, so let me take this down to brass tacks. The online clinic is broken down into four volumes. The first one is called:

Volume 1

"Youth Baseball Hitting & Baserunning"

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • How to get maximum plate coverage using a simple alignment trick. This tiny adjustment literally forces hitters to cover the entire strike zone (and avoid swinging at wild pitches) (2:31)
  • 6 CRITICAL stance tips every youth baseball coach should know (4:05)
  • How to launch towering line drives (automatically!) using a little-known ball-tracking technique (6:18)
  • Why it's foolish to tell your players to "take the bat to the ball" when laying down a bunt. 9 out of 10 coaches make this mistake on a nightly basis! (10:19)
  • The secret to ensuring your hitters bunt into fair territory. Master this easy skill and you'll be able to advance runners around the basepaths with ease... and manufacture boatloads of runs every game (12:47)
  • 7 killer hitting drills designed specifically for players 8-15, including the "Tire Drill,"One Hand Drill," and "Rapid Fire Drill." You'll discover simple coaching tips to improve your player's bat speed, power, and confidence... even if you know nothing about hitting right now! (13:08)
  • The 3 most effective hitting tools your team should own. Plus - the common household items that make great substitutes (14:01)
  • Why size and strength are NOT important to developing a powerful home-run swing (did you know that most Golden Glove boxers can't even bench press their own body weight?) You'll learn how to use a simple hand speed secret that will have 90 pound kids

Crushing The Ball Into
The Next Time Zone!

  • The amazing "Color Ball" drill that immediately improves hand-eye coordination... and will boost your hitter's batting average by AT LEAST fifty percentage points (19:25)
  • The 3 most important skills a top-notch youth league hitter has to master. Number 2 may surprise you! (22:55)
  • A huge (and dangerous) baserunning mistake most young players make. This common footwork error actually slows down their run from home to first base, and increases the chance of injury (28:01)
  • The secret to getting an explosive jump off the bag. This simple technique will have your team stealing bases like Rickey Henderson... even if leading off isn't allowed! (30:33)
  • The A-B-C formula for teaching safe and effective sliding technique. (31:44)
  • And a lot more.

"11U Travel Ball Coach Says..."

"My team has only been together for 30 days and we played our first tournament and we were 1 game shy of going to the championship game. Nobody Expected this. I thank you for the tools you have provided me and my team."

-Jason McDivitt 11U Travel Ball

Volume 2

"Youth Baseball Fielding"

Your Fielding Errors Will Instantly
(and Permanently) Plummet!

  • The "Glove Tuck" technique that uses a player's own momentum like a juiced-up nuclear battery... storing energy until the exact moment he needs to release the ball with explosive power (19:52)
  • An amazingly simple drill that instantly trains your kids to make a quick play on the baserunner. The sudden fielding improvements will shock your players... and delight their parents! (21:18)
  • A tiny footwork adjustment that force-feeds power and accuracy into ANY players throwing motion. This tip is so simple, it'll blow you away! (25:36)
  • Why practicing UNDERHAND throws actually helps your players learn to field ground balls without making errors (27:01)
  • How develop to-notch throwing and catching skills... even if you have a limited amount of practice time (28:27)
  • And much, much more.

Volume 3

"Youth Baseball Pitching"

"Consistently Throwing Strikes
Inning After Inning!"

  • Exact pitch count limits for players under 15. Ignore this and you could be risking the long-term health of your players! (26:30)
  • A "Towel Snap" routine that's guaranteed to increase velocity by up to 5mph... instantly! This is the exact same drill used by minor league teams when training top pitching prospects for "The Show" - and it's totally easy (and 100% SAFE) to use with young players too! (28:20)
  • What to do when a pitcher has arm or elbow soreness. Hint: total rest may not be the answer! (32:10)
  • And much more.

Some of what you’ll learn:

"More Done In A Short Period Of Time"

"Using your system, it takes about 5-10 minutes to plan practice. It really helps me get more done in a short period of time."

-Mark Guajardo 11U Mansfield Red Wings Mansfield, Texas

Volume 4

"Youth Baseball Throwing & Catching"

  • An easy 7 step drill that immediately trains players to throw and catch like a pro. I know it sounds hard to believe... but I swear to you on my family's head, it's so simple and straightforward you'll want to kick yourself for not realizing it on your own! (1:30)
  • How to teach young kids to throw with the accuracy and precision of a laser-guided missile. (HINT: it's all about "telling time" with the glove arm) (4:13)
  • A huge (and dangerous) throwing mistake that most Little League players make... and exactly how to fix it too! (6:00)
  • Answers to the 5 most common questions about throwing and catching mechanics (10:36)
  • The absolute best warmup drill for youth baseball teams. Use this at the beginning of every practice to reinforce throwing and catching fundamentals... get your team focused... and prevent common arm and shoulder injuries (15:47)
  • A "Bare Hand" drill that literally forces players to practice catching the ball with 2 hands. Practice this for just 4 minutes, twice a week, and

"Keeps Practice Moving Smoothly"

"Your system helped me expand all aspects of my practices. The planning part of it has been a world of help in the fact that has enabled me to keep practice moving smoothly from start to end."

-Scott Stanwood Head Coach Giants

This system was specifically created

By Youth Coaches... And
For Youth Coaches

It's so easy to implement, you'll be smiling ear to ear.

Your team will have more fun and success than you ever thought possible… and their parents will be astounded at how quickly their kids improve.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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You’ll learn 16 coordination exercises kids can do while they watch TV (no more couch potatoes)… a little known timing secret that will help your athletes master ANY drill faster than ever before… how to quickly develop eye-hand coordination in your players in just 30 seconds per practice.

Plus... how to determine the right number of reps for your players when doing strength exercises… how to use 3 regular school chairs to challenge your athletes in a conditioning circuit… and much, much more.
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