Introducing A Simple Step By Step System For Pitching Success Designed Specifically For Youth Baseball Coaches And Parents...

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Desk of: Coach Kenny Buford

Dear Coach,

Did you know that there are exactly 108 red wax stitches on a baseball?

Interesting... but "so what" you ask?

Well... it seems like there’s AT LEAST that many different points of view on how to coach your pitchers.

And every season, it's getting more confusing and more frustrating to cut through the hype, and get real "concrete" tips and strategies you can use in the back yard... and on the field.

That’s why I’m writing to you today… to finally put to bed the rumors and false innuendo… and reveal the

True Secrets To Developing A
Dominant Baseball Pitcher...
Quickly, Easily, And Without
Risk Of Injury

Let me explain.

We just got our hands on an amazing step by step system called "Ultimate Pitching Mechanics." Inside, it covers everything you need to know about pitching in Plain English... including drills, coaching tips, and live demonstrations.

Here's what's really cool...

  • You don’t need to be a hotshot ex-major leaguer with a million years of baseball experience
  • You don’t need to spend hours learning the "science of pitching" or studying complicated techniques
  • You don’t even need to know how to pitch a baseball yourself. This system is perfect for amateur coaches or parents with little or no pitching knowledge.

For FREE If You Want!

In less time than it takes to order and eat a meal at KFC, you can discover EXACTLY how to train your pitchers to shut down batters and tear up your baseball league.

I'm talkin' drills and techniques to improve velocity and control… simple ways to correct common pitching problems… the TRUTH about teaching kids to throw curveballs… and much, much more.

This system is designed specifically for the beginner coach or parent who wants a fun, simple way to teach pitching the RIGHT way. It’s simple to grasp, easy to implement, and 100% SAFE for your kids to learn.

Here’s a small sample of what’s included.

  • An amazingly simple (yet wildly effective) pitch-location technique that teaches your kids to hit spots with laser-like accuracy
  • The EXACT grips and throwing motions required for the Two-Seam Fastball, Four-Seam Fastball, Curveball, Change-up, Slider, Forkball, and Split Fingered Fastball
  • How to prevent the "football curve" disease that has spread throughout youth baseball (this poor technique is the #1 cause of elbow pain).
  • 2 highly effective warm-up drills that are guaranteed to improve mechanics and instantly translate to live pitches.
  • How a tight rope walker's "Secret trick" will help your pitchers improve their momentum and balance during the windup.
  • The small movement mistake that devastates a pitcher’s control and accuracy (plus- how to fix it fast).
  • How to introduce advanced pitches to young players (discover the best age to learn each pitch).
  • The one direction your pitcher's head must NEVER travel through (and how this common mistake instantly “bleeds” 5-10mph off his fastball) .
  • The absolute best way to teach kids to throw strikes
  • How to generate massive throwing speed with a simple 4 inch adjustment of foot position
  • Why you should NEVER change the natural angle of your pitcher's throwing arm.
  • 3 quick drills to improve your pitcher's stability on the mound and dramatically improve control (even when he's tired) . >
  • 2 proven ways to prevent the most common injury in pitchers
  • A little-known pitching conditioning tool that can be purchased at Wal-Mart for less than $5.00! We’ll show you how to use this common household item (which you may already own) to quickly build mind-blowing power and velocity… in just 3 minutes per day!
  • And loads more.

Here's what other coaches are saying:

Once Your Hitters Master These Two Areas - The Technical
AND The Tactical - You'll Blow Your Competition Off The
Field While Barely Breaking A Sweat!

"11 mph Fastball Improvement"

"My 11 yr old son's fastball improved from 45 mph to 56 mph just by trying that "bouncy ball" conditioning trick for a few weeks. His pitch location is stellar (7 strikeouts last game) and the high school coaches are already starting to 'recruit' him a bit. Awesome results!"

-Jeremy Clark-Robins

Antioch, Ca

"Firing Strikes Down The Pipe"

"Amazing stuff here! Kenny, you've un-locked a door for me, that's got my team playing a whole new game. Pitching is consistent and other coaches are shocked at our kids control and confidence on the rubber. Kids who used to throw hard and wild are now firing strikes down the pipe non-stop, and we're holding other teams to less than 3 runs per game"

-Jamie Bordeaux

Biddeford, Maine

"Eliminates All The B.S."

"This video eliminates all the B.S. about pitching and boils it down to the necessary fundamentals. The presentation is clear and my son picked things up quickly and naturally."

-Nate Sheehan

Ashland, VA

Here’s the best part.

You can be learning all of these pitching secrets…

In Just 90 Seconds!

That’s right, “Ultimate Pitching Mechanics” is yours today as an online video clinic. As soon as your order is completed, you can instantly access ALL the material in living color… right over your computer screen!
You don’t need to be a computer whiz (or even computer literate).
If you can click a mouse button, then you have all the skills you need to access this online material. (And just in case - everything is explained with step by step instructions and “screencapture” images showing you exactly what to do).

Here's What To Do Next

To get even a small portion of the pitching drills, techniques, and coaching strategies condensed into this online video clinic, you’d have to hire a private pitching instructor for AT LEAST 4 or 5 hours.

Most good instructors charge $75.00 per hour or more... so you'd easily spend $300.oo just to learn the basics.

Even a "bargain basement" teacher would charge you $40.00 an hour, bringing your investment down to $160.00 (at the very least).

But I’m not asking you to pay anywhere close to that. As part of this special Introductory Internet Offer, you can get the entire online clinic for just $69.95 $37 – less than the cost of a new ball glove for pete’s sake.

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Because if you order right now, before midnight tonight December 2 2015, I’ll also throw in a free mini-clinic valued at $19.00. It's called “The World’s Best Pitching Drill”... and in 20 minutes of intense, step by step action, our demonstrators will show you exactly

How To Add 3-6 MPH
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I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but this time-tested technique is simple, fast, and proven to work with pitchers of all ages and ability levels.
And you don’t’ even have to say "yes" today… just say “maybe” - because you’re totally covered by the most generous guarantee in the Baseball business:

100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

That's right. Order this amazing video clinic. Watch it, then take up to 60 days to try out these secrets with your team.
If you decide this isn't for you for any reason, or no reason at all - no problem. Just contact me and you'll receive a prompt refund of every penny of your purchase price - no questions asked, and no hassles.

And here's the best part...

You Still Keep the Entire
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That's right... 60 days to test-drive this material - and if you're not totally blown away, you get your money back with no questions asked, and STILL keep everything as my gift to you. Click here to order now!

You read that correctly… there’s absolutely no risk.

You can check out the entire system and try these techniques for a full 60 days.  And if you’re not totally amazed with how quickly your pitchers' skills improve, you get a complete refund and still keep the videos for free.

There’s no hard feelings, and we’ll still be friends.

But a quick warning - this is NOT for everyone. 

The focus is on mechanics and techniques for youth-level pitchers.... it’s not meant for college or professional level coaches who need strategies for coaching adults.

But it’s perfect for the amateur coach or parent who wants to learn the “truth” about pitching, and it gives you loads of concrete tips and examples you can implement with your team.

Click here to place your secure order now! You’re gonna LOVE what you discover!

Yours for much better pitching,

Coach Kenny Buford

PS – Remember… you have to see immediate, dramatic results in your pitchers after using these techniques, or I don’t expect you to pay for it.

I’m talking more velocity, better control, more confidence, and a fresher, “liver” throwing arm that stays injury free.

If this video doesn’t do everything I’ve promised, you get every penny returned to you, with no hassles and no questions asked.  That's more than fair, don't you think?

Just click here to place your secure order now... and you can access the material instantly, right over your computer screen.

But don’t wait… due to bandwidth constraints, we can only allow a limited number of coaches to access this clinic each week.

You’re receiving this first because you’re at the top of my “e-hotlist” to get special offers and free bonuses before other coaches on my newsletter.  If I don’t hear back from you soon, I’ll assume you’re not interested and move to the next coach down the list.

There’s no reason to let that happen… after all, you have no risk whatsoever and can learn the entire system for FREE if you want.

Price Today: $69.95 $37.00

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