Discover 61 Fun & Effective Fielding Drills For a Rock-Solid, Error-Free Defense!

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 What's Inside?

 Fielding Fundamentals

Inside this report, you'll discover eight fun and effective drills that focus on the basic fundamentals of throwing, catching and fielding for all positions.

It's perfect for developing essential skills in younger players, or giving older kids a refresher on the correct techniques.

Three -Part Throwing Drill
Five-Part Throwing Drill
Chop Steps Drill
Stop and Go Drill
Texas Leaguer Drill
Flip Drill
Short Hops Drill
Wall Drill

 First Base Drills

At every level of play, first base is the center of activity and sees a ton of action.

This report will show you how to develop a confident, consistent, and sure-gloved first baseman. You'll learn...

Bad Throw Up the Line Drill
Bad Throw Overhead Drill
Holding Runners at First Drill
1B Cutoff Drill
Double Play Lead Throw Drill
Flip to Pitcher Drill
1B Pickoff Play Drill

 Second Base Drills

Speed, agility, quickness, good hands and arm strength are the hallmarks of an effective second baseman.

Inside this report, you'll learn eight wickedly effective drills to increase your second baseman's range, turn double plays, and make laser-accurate throws to anywhere on the diamond.

Double Play Receiving Drill
Lead Throws Drill
Holding Runners Drill
Covering Second Drill
2B Cutoff Drill
Decoying Runners Drill
Dive Play Drill
2B Pickoff Play Drill

 Shortstop Drills

Your shortstop will handle 60-70% of all hit balls. He's the heart and soul of your defense, and it's your job to equip him with the skills to fulfill that role.

This report breaks down eight super-effective drills specifically for shortstops, covering everything from double plays, to pickoffs, to cutoff responsibilities.

Receiving Positions Drill
Double Play Drill
Holding Runners Drill
Covering a Steal Drill
SS Cutoff Drill
Decoying Runners Drill
Dive Play Drill
Lead Throws Drill

 Third Base Drills

Playing the hot corner requires serious arm strength, good lateral quickness, and nimble footwork.

This report reveals eight all-new position-specific drills to develop an all-star third baseman, including:

Slow Roller - Fast Runner Drill
Slow Roller - Slow Runner Drill
Barehand Drill
Backhand Drill
Ball to your Left Drill
Double Play Drill
Bunt Responsibilities Drill
3B Cutoff Drill

 Pitcher Fielding Drills

Fielding for pitchers is one of the most important, yet often overlooked skill development areas.

This report will show you how to develop the essential ground ball fielding and base-covering techniques that all pitchers need to master. You'll discover...

Two Handed Fielding
Fielding Down the Line
Glove Only Fielding
Comebacker Technique
Covering First Base
Covering Second Base
Covering Third Base
Covering Home Plate

 Catcher Drills

The catcher position anchors your defense, and MUST have excellent fundamental skills.

This report will break down seven fun and effective catcher drills to give your team a big-time competitive advantage. You'll learn...

Framing Pitches Drill
Blocking Pitches Drill
Steal Situations Drill
Wrist Flicks Drill
One-Knee Throwing Drill
Soft Hands Drill
Bunt Responsibility and Technique Drill

 Outfielder Drills

Mistakes in the outfield will kill your team - plain and simple. That's why it's essential to have fundamentally sound outfielders who can field ground balls and fly balls, and deliver strong, accurate throws to the target.

This report includes seven proven outfield-specific drills that will greatly benefit your team.

Ground Ball Technique Drill
Stance and Steps Drill
Quick Feet Drill
Over the Shoulder Drill
Bent Leg Slide Drill
Fly Ball Routes Drill
Working the Fence Drill

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