11 Championship Proven Drills For Defensive Success!

Here's how to engage your kids in practice and transform your team into a finely tuned defensive machine... no matter how wretched your fielding is right now... how many errors you're making... or how impossible it seems!

From: Coach Kenny Buford

Dear Friend,

In the next few moments, you're going to discover a simple, step by step formula for injecting more fun and intensity into your baseball practices... dramatically improving your defensive performance... and helping your team win more games!
"How?" You ask?

With the help of 12-time Idaho State Champion Larry Price, and his incredible new online video clinic called "Team Defense Skills and Drills."

Coach Price is a highly respected baseball innovator, and one of the premier high school coaches in the Western United States.

He's racked up 12 Idaho State Championships through his American Legion and High School teams, won nine Coach of the Year awards, and sent more than 60 of his players on to receive college scholarships.

After years of testing and tinkering, Price developed a series of 11 simple, fun, and wickedly effective defensive drills to use with his own team.

Each one was designed to simulate real, live game situations… while getting the most possible repetitions in a limited amount of time.

Try these drills for yourself, and I guarantee you'll see an immediate and dramatic improvement in the way your kids play.

That means...

Improved focus and concentration during practice.

Each drill forces your kids to perform critical fielding, throwing, and catching skills under the pressure and intensity of a real, live game situation. It's far more engaging than the "traditional" drills most coaches are stuck on… and much more FUN for your team!

Faster skill development.

With these drills, there's no time wasted lining up, waiting your turn, or watching other players perform the same skills. So your kids get a massive number of reps in the shortest possible time… and acquire their defensive skills at a MUCH faster pace.

Better execution of your defensive strategy.

Every drill is designed to develop the mental tools AND physical tools you'll need to become a top-notch defensive team. So your players will not only have the skills to throw, catch and field with the best of 'em… they'll also understand the fine points of defensive strategy and situational fielding… and execute your game plan to perfection!

In no time at all, I guarantee your fielding errors will plummet and your team defense will improve… faster and more dramatically than you ever thought possible.

You'll win more games.

Gain more respect.

And finally realize the satisfaction and glory of coaching a championship baseball team!

Okay, let's take this down to brass tacks. Here's a quick preview of what you'll learn inside the online clinic:

  • 3 ways to avoid fly ball confusion and ensure your kids make a clean play on the field. This is the ONE drill you SHOULD be working on at every practice...
  • How to train your players to establish the proper backup position, and quickly recover after an errant throw. This one's great for teaching your kids to scramble under pressure… and an absolute BLAST to run in practice!
  • How to inject more realism into your practices with a fun "Perfect Outs" drill. Trains your fielders to maintain their concentration and execute your fielding strategy in a "game-like" situation with live baserunners
  • How to "program" your fielders with flawless relay skills… so they can zip the ball from the outfield all the way to home plate without making a costly error!
  • How to train your players to field a hot grounder and make a hard, accurate throw to anywhere on the field.… even when they're distracted by a moving baserunner!
  • One versatile drill that prepares your team for the trickiest fielding situations
  • How to master your bunt defense skills with a fun little "Bunt Points" game. This one's great when you need a fun drill to run at the end of practice…
  • 2 simple keys to executing a proper run-down… plus a fun, little "Hot Box" drill to help you practice it with your team!
  • The absolute best drill to run for your pre-game warmup. Gets all six infielders loose, fired up, and on the same page for your upcoming game!

Best of all...

There's No Experience Necessary...
And It Works For Teams Of All Ages!

Whether you're brand new to coaching or an experienced veteran...

Whether you're working with an elite travel team or local Little Leaguers...

Whether you coach 8 year olds, 12 year olds, or 18 year olds...

None of that matters.

"Team Defense Skills and Drills" is guaranteed to produce results for you and your team right away,

Or I'll Pay For It Out Of My Own Pocket!

That's right! You can test drive this online clinic for a full 60 days with no risk whatsoever. Simply watch the videos, try out the tips and drills, and see if they work for you.

If you're not seeing a HUGE improvement in the quality and intensity of your practices... if you're not making fewer errors... if your players aren't executing their defensive responsibilities to perfection... just let me know and I'll send you a full 100% refund with no questions asked!

So what's a resource like this worth?

The regular price is $40.00... and hundreds of coaches have already paid that price.

But for a limited time -- as part of this special introductory deal -- you can get the complete "Team Defense Skills and Drills" online clinic for just $27! That's a savings of almost 33%!

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The beauty of this online video clinic is how simple it is to use.

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device, or save them to your hard drive to access any time.

You can even bring them into practice and show the techniques directly to your kids!

It's easy. No special skills or fancy software required. If you can watch a video on Youtube, then you have everything you need to get started with "Team Defense Skills and Drills" right now.

Bottom Line: once you're in, you're IN. Registering for this online clinic today gets you complete lifetime access to all the material with no restrictions or time limits.

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Yours for better defense...




Coach Kenny Buford

PS - Here's what other coaches are saying about my baseball resources...

"Parents Were Impressed!"

"Your shortcuts were very helpful. Putting together a practice plan was a great idea and the parents were impressed. We've won 7 of our last 8 games."

-Coach Craig
Windsor Braves 7-9 yr olds
Windsor, CT

"More Done In A Short Period Of Time"

"Using your system, it takes about 5-10 minutes to plan practice. It really helps me get more done in a short period of time."

-Mark Guajardo 11U Mansfield Red Wings Mansfield, Texas

"11U Travel Ball Coach Says..."

"My team has only been together for 30 days and we played our first tournament and we were 1 game shy of going to the championship game. Nobody Expected this. I thank you for the tools you have provided me and my team."

-Jason McDivitt
11U Travel Ball

PPS - Still not sure?

Ok, let's take this up a notch. If you try out the online clinic and aren't 100% blown away with the results you see, you can have your entire payment back.

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Why would I make such a generous offer?

Because I know you'll give this online clinic the honest shot it deserves...

I know how much these tips will HELP you. I know how much more FUN you'll have coaching your team. And I know how much BETTER you'll play after you introduce these simple concepts.

So go ahead and click the Add to Cart button below now... and get started today!

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