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Discover 15 "Sneaky"
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9-Time State Champion Reveals The Proven Tactics Any Team Can Use To Get More Runners On Base, Advance Them To Scoring Position, And Score More Runs... Starting In Your Very Next Game!

Situational Hitting. It's one of the most valuable (yet overlooked) skill sets a team can learn. Just consider:

  • Batters who understand situational hitting can have a productive at-bat even if when they don’t get a hit!
  • A team that understands situational hitting concepts will have a much more balanced offense and will be that much harder to defend!
  • By excelling at situational hitting your team can put pressure on the defense and force them into making game-changing mistakes!
  • A team of great situational hitters will be able to advance runners and score runs even when you're playing against a tough pitcher, or your offense isn't quite clicking

All of this is why high school coaching legend Steve Cramblitt, who won 9 state titles during an illustrious coaching career in Utah, has created an online video clinic that specifically targets situational hitting strategies and techniques.

This Clinic Will Make You Look Like A
Genius As Your Kids Out-Play And
Out-Execute The Competition!

Take a look at just some of what this video clinic covers:

  • The ONE THING that is often overlooked that a bunter must do in order to perform a successful sacrifice bunt!
  • Where a player should really try to bunt the ball in specific situations, such as when there is a runner on first or runners on first and second, to MAXIMIZE his chances of success!
  • 3 sacrifice bunt rules for hitters and two for runners – follow these rules and watch your team’s sacrifice bunt success skyrocket!
  • The two things each hitter and each runner MUST DO to execute a perfect bunt and run!
  • How to turn a difficult play like the safety squeeze into a practically guaranteed success in just three simple steps!
  • The ideal time to try a suicide squeeze … plus, exactly when the runner on third should take off to increase his chances of scoring!
  • How to use the fake bunt to create gaping holes in the defense – holes that your batters can drive ground balls through for base hits!
  • How to use a technique called “the slash” to advance a runner without giving up an out!
  • 6 perfect situations for a hit and run
  • How to turn your team into a bunch of calm, confident two-strike hitters who tire out the opposing pitcher and always come through in the clutch!
  • The three keys to becoming an outstanding two-strike hitter
  • How to hit with the infield playing up – including what hitting technique the batter should use to increase his chances of hitting a deep sacrifice fly that will for sure score the runner from third!
  • The four major components of the sacrifice bunt and how to get your players to excel at each!
  • 2 techniques right-handed hitters can use and two techniques left-handed hitters can use to excel at drag bunting for base hits – watch your team’s hit totals soar when your hitters master these easy techniques!
  • How to push bunt like a major leaguer … plus how to recognize when it’s the ideal time for a push bunt!
  • And a lot more!

In all, this coaching clinic covers 15 essential hitting situations – everything from the sacrifice bunt to the contact play and also includes bunting and hitting techniques your players can use to succeed in those situations.

We'll Not Only Show You WHAT To Do...
But HOW To Teach The Specific Skills
And Tactics To Your Players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Check out these answers to the most common questions coaches ask...

What age level is this for?

This online clinic is designed for kids age 10 and up, and recommended for intermediate and advanced level players. While some fundamentals are covered, the focus is on more complex skills and drills for experienced players.

Can parents and athletes use this? Or is it just for coaches?

This online clinic includes drills and techniques that can be done individually, with a partner, or with small group of players. So it’s great for coaches to use during team practice… OR for parents or athletes who want to work on their skills at home.

What if this doesn't work for me?

This online clinic comes with a special 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason, you're not 100% thrilled with the material, just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we'll gladly refund you full payment. No questions asked. No funny business. No "wiggle clauses." You either love this resource or you don't pay a penny.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

If you follow these skill progressions in this online clinic, we're confident that you'll start seeing improvement at your very next practice. All of the video segments are broken down in step by step detail, with clear demonstrations and coaching pointers. So you can learn these techniques quickly, teach them quickly, and start seeing results right away!

How do I access the videos? Do I need to wait for anything in the mail?

You get instant access to the entire online video clinic, right over your computer, smartphone or tablet. There's no waiting for DVDs in the mail, and no shipping charges.

Price Today: $47.00 $37.00

Today Only: $19.00

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