Mental Hitting
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This package contains almost two full-length modules - 68 minutes of video covering everything you'll need to make any hitter more confident, consistent, and dangerous at the plate!

Here's a quick summary of what's included:

Mental Hitting - Practice Habits

Online Video Clinic - 37 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • A "pitch perception" drill that trains your players to see the ball out of the pitcher's hand, then track it all the way into the strike zone
  • How to install flawless hitting mechanics using a simple little "dry swing" drill
  • A "pressure hitting" drill that teaches your kids to face high-fear situations with unwavering confidence and courage
  • How to run a short scrimmage that sharpens your physical skills AND tunes up your emotional toughness
  • And a lot more!

Mental Hitting - Game Time

Online Video Clinic - 31 minutes long - $40.00 value

  • The "Ted Williams" trick to maximizing your hitting strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.
  • The 3 "Ups" that MUST be part of your hitter's 2-strike approach.
  • The mirror hitting drill that instantly increases your feel for the strike zone, and installs flawless muscle memory into ANY player on your team!
  • 4 proven "slump-busting" strategies that immediately help a struggling hitter regain his confidence.
  • And a lot more!

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