How To Build a Perfect Swing

15 Developmental Drills For
Textbook Hitting Mechanics

Let's face it. Hitting a baseball is HARD.

In fact, a 2005 USA Today article ranked it the most difficult skill in all of sports.

Harder than driving a race car... landing a "quad" in figure skating... or saving a soccer penalty kick!

Think about it.

You've got less than half a second to judge the speed and trajectory of the pitch.... decide whether to swing... then make solid contact using a round bat on a round ball.

It's not surprising so many young players struggle to hit consistently. And so many coaches and parents don't know how to help.

That's why we created this new resource.

Introducing Hitting Mechanics Mastery

Inside, we'll show you exactly how to teach the mechanics of the swing, with developmental drills to practice and reinforce each concept.

All explained with step by step instructions, professionally designed illustrations, and coaching tips to help shorten the learning curve.

Batters will quickly develop a "textbook" perfect swing, for more solid contact, quicker bat speed, and more explosive power at the plate!

It's perfect for coaches who want to boost their team's offensive production and win more games.

It's perfect for parents who want to give their son a leg up on the competition.

And it's perfect for athletes who want to take their hitting skills to the next level.

Here's what's included:

Part 1: The 6 Basic Parts of Hitting

Discover how to build a fundamentally sound swing in 6 easy steps.

  • Stance
  • Inward Turn
  • Stride
  • Hip Turn
  • Hand Movement
  • Follow Through

Part 2: Developmental Hitting Drills

Includes 15 fully illustrated drills to build short, quick, and powerful swing, including:

  • Heavy Bat Snaps
  • Heavy Bat Extensions
  • Heavy Bat Rotations
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Wrist Snap and Swing Drill
  • Contact Points Drill
  • Perfect Swing Drill
  • Tee Drill
  • Stride Box Drill
  • Underhand Toss Drill
  • Backside Soft Toss Drill
  • Rhythm Drill
  • One Hand Drill
  • Vision Drill
  • Plane the Ball Drill

Here Are Some Of The
Specific Tips You'll Learn

  • How to build massive "fast-twitch" explosiveness in the wrists and forearms, so you can whip the bat through the zone like a nuclear powered windmill!
  • How to automatically adjust your swing path for different pitch locations, so you can get the sweet part of the bat on the ball every time!
  • 1 easy drill that eliminates "head-jumping" and dramatically improves vision and pitch tracking
  • A slightly weird (but super-effective) drill that immediately helps kids hit the curve ball
  • The 60-second "trick" that immediately boosts your bat speed
  • How to use a 2x4 piece of wood to develop a "firm front side" - and unleashing the power of the hips in your swing
  • And a lot more!

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Bonus #1

6 Critical Coaching Tips for Hitters

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5 Printable Hitting Workout Plans

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