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Reveals a complete step by step action plan for teaching the basics of hitting to your athletes, including... how to pick the right bat, learning which pitches to hit, perfecting the mechanics, and developing confidence at the plate.


Packed with 13 simple, fun, and effective drills to develop a short, compact swing. (the same type of precision "beauty" swing that college and pro scouts drool over)


Gives you 24 killer drills to inject your hitters with explosive "baseball-specific" hitting strength, so they can drive the ball harder and farther, and score more runs for your team!


Breaks down 19 game-proven drills to help your players accelerate through the swing and pummel the ball with more force and power than you ever imagined before!

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  • How to generate massive payloads of power, with a swing that's smooth as silk!
  • An amazing plyometric routine that shocks the hitter's nervous system and literally forces him to swing harder and faster. Amazing results in just a few minutes of practice!
  • A simple "Slash" drill that produces an immediate and astonishing boost in bat speed
  • 2 totally original partner tee-drills that will engage and excite your players like nothing you've ever seen. It's the most fun they'll have in batting practice all season!
  • How to overload the swing and develop massive strength in the legs, core, and upper body, for devastating power at the plate, and more extra base hits for your team!
  • How to use a broken bat, a screw, and a washer to create an amazing forearm strengthening tool your players will LOVE to use
  • And much, much more…

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Price Today: $47.00 $27.00 $7

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