How To Dominate Your Opponents With Stunning Quickness, Explosive Power, and Jaw Dropping Agility... Even If You Know NOTHING About Athletic Development Right Now!

Starting today, your baseball players can make dramatic improvements in their athletic ability (and reduce the risk of injury)... faster, safer and easier than ever before!

The drills and techniques you're about to discover are 100% CUTTING EDGE -- developed, tested, and refined in the training centers of top MLB, NFL, NBA and US Olympic teams.

All explained and demonstrated by Scott Phelps, an athletic development "guru" with more than 28 years of elite-level experience.

Baseball-Specific Training Techniques
Most Amateur Coaches Will Never Know

It's called "Explosive Baseball" - and it breaks down all the essential skills and drills you'll need to develop a supremely athletic squad, and start dominating your opponents in every phase of the game.

With this online video training system you'll discover how to dramatically improve your players' strength, speed, quickness, agility, and power... and gain an immediate advantage on the competition!

The system is broken down into five modules. Each section focusing on a specific area of athletic development. Almost two hours of instruction in all.

There's no fluff here.

No complicated theory. No biomechanical mumbo jumbo. All you get is simple, straightforward drills and workout routines you can take straight to the field.

We'll even show you exactly how many sets and reps to do of each exercise.

Here's What's Included Inside Explosive Baseball

Module #1 - Explosive Agility Drills

Simple and effective exercises to build multi-directional agility. For faster hips and feet, a better jump on the ball, greater flexibility and better joint stability.

Module 2 - Explosive Quickness Drills

Jam-packed with proven drills to develop an explosive first step and jaw-dropping acceleration. Get quicker reaction on the ball, cover more ground, and boost your fielding effectiveness!

Module 3 - Explosive Speed Drills

Get a massive boost in your baserunning speed with just a few simple exercise routines. Steal more bases, score more runs, win more games!

Module 4 - Explosive Power Drills

Build pro-level power in the upper body, lower body and core, and learn how to apply it to baseball-specific movements. Your hitters will see massive increases in bat speed and power... and your pitchers will be throwing up to 6mph faster!

Bonus Module - Agility Ladder Drills

Discover how to improve your athlete's running form, how to build stabilizer muscles to prevent common knee and ankle injuries, how to install more fast-twitch muscle fibers into the upper and lower body... and a lot more!

How The Online Video Clinic Works

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can make this investment without any worries, because you're completely covered by my 60 day 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee!

Order this amazing package. Watch the videos, then take up to 60 days to try out these secrets with your team. If you decide this isn't for you for any reason, or no reason at all - no problem.

Just contact us and you'll receive a prompt refund of every penny of your purchase price - no questions asked and no hassles. Click the Add to Cart button below to get started now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Check out these answers to the most common questions coaches ask...

What age level is this for?

This online clinic is designed for kids age 6 to12, and recommended for beginner players. The focus is mostly on basic hitting fundamentals, with additional material to challenge your more advanced hitters as they begin to progress.

What if this doesn't work for me?

This online clinic comes with a special 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason, you're not 100% thrilled with the material, just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we'll gladly refund you full payment. No questions asked. No funny business. No "wiggle clauses." You either love this resource or you don't pay a penny.

Can parents and athletes use this? Or is it just for coaches?

This online clinic includes drills and techniques that can be done individually, with a partner, or with small group of players. So it’s great for coaches to use during team practice… OR for parents or athletes who want to work on their skills at home.

How do I access the videos? Do I need to wait for anything in the mail?

You get instant access to the entire online video clinic, right over your computer, smartphone or tablet. There's no waiting for DVDs in the mail, and no shipping charges.

Claim Your Copy of Explosive Baseball Right Now

YES, I want the complete Explosive Baseball Package, including all 5 modules covering agility, quickness, speed, and power

Price Today: $47.00 $37.00 $29

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