The Essential Pitching Drills
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Order Essential Pitching Drills online video clinic today and you'll see EXACTLY how to perform 13 fun and effective drills.. plus dozens of wickedly effective coaching pointers, troubleshooting tips, and practice routines you can take right to the field!

It's all broken down into two easy-to-use modules...

Module 1: Pitching Mechanics 101

52 Minutes Long - Instant Online Access

Inside, you'll discover a simple 8-step sequence for teaching picture perfect technique, from the windup… rocker step… balance position… hand separation… glide and stride… power position… pitch… and follow through.

Here's a quick summary...

  • The single most important factor for developing a smooth, fluid, pitching motion that minimizes elbow stress and dramatically reduces arm fatigue and injury (find it at 3:53 of the video)
  • How to inject massive payloads of controlled power into the pitching motion using a simple little "thumb-to-thigh, arm-to-the-sky" technique (20:52)
  • The exact stride length to maximize the explosive force of the pitch (HINT: multiply this number by your height!) (27:15)
  • 4 "Alignment & Stride" tips that train your pitcher to keep his front-side closed, head-level, and all his energy going TOWARD the plate (48:13)
  • And much more

Module 2: Essential Pitching Drills

31 Minutes Long - Instant Online Access

Inside, you'll learn 13 proven drills to reinforce proper mechanics, increase pitch velocity and movement, and improve accuracy and control.

Here's a small sample...

  • The #1 drill for correcting arm-action problems (4:29)
  • A clever 2-part "Screen" drill immediately translates into more accuracy on the fastball and breaking ball (7:20)
  • How to gain more arm extension and a steeper downhill plane on every pitch - for a sizzling, laser-beam-accurate fastball that's darn-near impossible to hit! (16:23)
  • How to evaluate your pitcher's mechanics, isolate errors, and quickly correct them using a simple 7-step "Shadow" routine (22:01)
  • And much more

Your Instructor Is The Legendary Jerry Weinstein

  • American Baseball Coaches Assoc. Hall of Fame
  • Former LA Dodgers Director of Player Development
  • 16-Time Conference Champion and 1998 National Champion (Sacramento City College)
  • 1992 and 1996 USA Olympic Team Coach

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