The 10 Commandments of Effective Baserunning

FACT - Smart, aggressive baserunning can give your team a massive competitive advantage.

With the right strategy, it becomes an extremely useful tool for moving your players around the basepaths, getting more runners into scoring position, and dramatically increasing your chances of winning.

But without the proper philosophy and training, aggressive baserunning just forces your players into risky situations, and costly inning-ending put-outs.

Discover the Do's and Don'ts Of Effective Baserunning

Meet Scott Berry, head baseball coach at Mayville State University, NAIA Hall of Famer, and one of the winningest coaches in college baseball history. In 27 years, he's racked up an astonishing 20 conference championships, with an all-time record of 770-442.

One of the critical keys to Coach Berry's success over the years has been his approach to baserunning. He calls it "The Forgotten Offensive Weapon" because so many coaches neglect it, under-utilize it, or just plain ignore it.

With almost three decades of top-level experience, Coach Berry has baserunning strategy down to a science.

His philosophy is based on 10 simple "commandments" that ANY player can use... from the speediest lead-off hitter to the slowest-footed catcher.

COMMANDMENT #1 Effective baserunning starts from the bench. Know your opponent's tendencies and weaknesses.

COMMANDMENT #2 Be aggressive by taking advantage of your opponent's mistakes.

COMMANDMENT #3 Understand the word "reasonable." Players should take "reasonable" risks and make "reasonable" decisions by knowing their own speed and capabilities and the risk/reward of the situation.

COMMANDMENT #4 Don't run into outs or be doubled off on line drives. There's nothing that kills a rally, or switches the momentum of an inning faster than an easy out on the basepaths.

COMMANDMENT #5 Players should make their own decisions when running the bases. It's the coaches job to design the strategy and prepare their team - it's the players job to execute it.

COMMANDMENT #6 Think between pitches. Consider every situation you might encounter, and what your reaction should be.

COMMANDMENT #7 Practice hard, and execute the techniques that were taught by your coaching staff.

COMMANDMENT #8 Always hustle and "run smart."

COMMANDMENT #9 Know where the defense is positioned, the game score, the hitting count, the number of outs and the inning.

COMMANDMENT #10 Know where the baseball is at all times.

If you like Coach Berry's approach, and think your own team could benefit from a similar style of play, then you should definitely check out the complete online video clinic: "Baserunning: The Forgotten Offensive Weapon."

Inside, you'll learn exactly how Coach Berry implements these 10 commandments with his own team, including dozens of specific techniques, pointers, and coaching cues you can start using right away...

So You Can Start Being Smarter And More AGGRESSIVE On The Basepaths, And Start Manufacturing More Runs For Your Team!

Here's a small sample of what's you'll learn...

  • 5 critical tendencies you MUST understand about your opponent's starting pitcher. Having these in your back pocket gives your squad a HUGE competitive advantage.
  • How to scout the opposing catcher, infielders, and outfielders, spot their weaknesses, them design a game plan to exploit them with your baserunning strategy
  • The #1 key to establishing an aggressive baserunning mentality, right from home plate. (this may surprise you!)
  • The fastest, easiest way to teach proper lead-off footwork.
  • A "one-way" lead technique that forces the pitcher to reveal the quality of his pick-off move (without actually putting your baserunner in jeopardy). Gives you valuable "intel" you can use throughout the game!
  • How to establish the "right distance" for your secondary lead. Gets your athlete the maximum distance off the bag, without risking a pick-off!
  • How to get an explosive jump when stealing second base. Your players will love this "Take The Money and Run" technique!
  • How to pull off a wickedly effective "delay steal." Learn the exact footwork, timing, and pitcher/catcher reads to maximize your opportunity for success
  • A 9-word phrase that immediately gives your players more confidence on the basepaths. Helps them understand where the true danger comes from, and what "threats" they can safely ignore! (find it at 17:31 of the video)
  • An advanced "over-extend" tactic that BAITS your competition into making two long (and risky) throws, giving you an EXCELLENT chance to pick up an extra base.
  • 3 crucial points to remember when teaching fly-ball baserunning.
  • A "three-step dance" that gives your kids the best possible chance of scoring from third base
  • One thing your players should NEVER do at third base. Learn all about this common blunder… and exactly what you SHOULD be doing instead!
  • How to execute the perfect squeeze bunt.
  • A simple 3-step progression for teaching proper sliding technique. Learn the safest, most effective way to practice this skill with your kids…
  • Should you ever slide into first base? Get Coach Berry's take on this controversial debate.
  • How to take advantage of lazy outfielding. Train your kids to spot this one simple "clue" - and they'll EASILY advance for an extra base
  • One question your baserunners should ask themselves in every live-ball situation. It dramatically improves their baseball IQ - for better execution of your strategy and more runs scored!
  • How to help your slower athletes become more effective baserunners. (Stealing is NOT only reserved for fast runners!)

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