The Ultimate Back Yard Hitting Workout

36 At-Home Hitting Drills For A Faster, Smoother and More Powerful Swing!

Transforms Any Player Into An Unstoppable Hitting Machine!

Each hitting drill is broken down with full-color illustrations, detailed instructions, and simple coaching tips.

  • Refine your mechanics, to develop a "pure" hitting stroke that makes pro scouts drool
  • Quickly boost your bat speed, so you can start whipping the bat through the zone like a nuclear powered windmill
  • Improve your vision and timing, so you can see the ball right out of the pitcher's hand and track it all the way to your bat. For higher-quality at-bats and more solid contact, every single time!
  • Increase your hitting strength and power, transforming weak-pop-ups into towering dingers, and dribbling ground balls into screaming line drives


Part 1: Mechanical Hitting Drills

Eliminate common mechanical faults. Build a "textbook-perfect" swing from the ground up.

  • Load Drill
  • String Drill
  • Step Drill
  • Stride Line Drill
  • Positive/Negative Drill
  • Swing Over The Tee Drill
  • Flat Bat Drill
  • Hit Stick Drill
  • Pivot Hip Drill
  • Power Trigger Drill
  • Short Bat Drill
  • Split Hand Drill
  • Inside-Outside Drill
  • See the Ball Drill

Part 2: Bat Speed Drills

Develop quicker hands and a faster reaction time at the plate. So you can hit the ball harder, send it further, and get more base-hits.

  • Towel Bat Drill
  • Fast Hands Drill
  • Bat Throwing Drill
  • Thin Bat Drill

Part 3: Vision and Timing Drills

See the ball better, right out of the pitcher's hand. Hit the ball on the sweet spot every time.

  • Whiffle Golf Drill
  • Numbers Drill
  • Clap Drill
  • Drop Ball Drill
  • Swing Over The Tee Drill
  • Inside/Outside Drill
  • Location Drill
  • Call Out Drill
  • Bottle Cap Drill
  • Inside Pitch Drill

Part 4: Strength and Power Drills

Drive the ball to all fields with titanic power. For more home runs and extra base hits.

  • Heavy Ball Drill
  • Heavy Bag Drill
  • Knockdown Drill
  • Parachute Drill
  • Mojo Drill
  • Wrist Builder

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15 Printable Hitting Workout Plans

Your Back Yard Hitting Drills package also includes 15 pre-designed workout schedules, showing you exactly what drills to use and how long to use them for.

Each workout focuses on a specific element of hitting, or uses a specific set of equipment. So all you do is print and go. No thinking or planning required.

  • 4 Mechanics Workouts
  • 2 Bat Speed Workouts
  • 3 Vision & Timing Workouts
  • 2 Power Workouts
  • 1 Dry Swing Workout
  • 1 Tee Drills Workout
  • 2 Soft Toss Workouts

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Hitting Mechanics 101 Cheat Sheet

Inside, we break down the basic fundamentals of hitting and give you some simple, actionable tips you can use in practice. It's a perfect addition to your coaching binder... or hand it out to players and parents to help them work out at home.

Some of what's included:

  • The 4 phases of the swing
  • Mental preparation for your at-bat
  • How to hit different pitch locations and types

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I liked the variety of drills that I learned. This made practices much more fun. We now have competition games at every practice that energized the kids. All volunteer coaches could benefit from coaching help. I have even suggested the league invest in this type of online instruction for all the coaches.

Joe Tesorero, Novi HEAT 13U Travel Baseball Club, Novi , Michigan

I picked up a lot of great ideas since I work with kids as young as four up through high school. The kids love the drills and I enjoyed how detailed they were. All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Daniel Flores , Ft Worth TX Little Yankees

My favorite part was the convenience and easy access. The system guides you through the basics that work, and we saw improved mechanics for all players.

Coach Dan, Sluggers, Franklin, WI

The system helped me keep things organized and help me determine which activities and/or drills are the ones I want/need given the development of players on our team. I especially like the practice plans I can print and take with me. I'm able to add notes as needed and then have various coaching tips at my finger tips

Marty Jankowiak, Greendale Panthers, Greendale, WI

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