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Welcome to our product catalog! Below, you'll find a complete list of all the coaching resources that Baseball Tutorials offers. If you're not sure where to start, head to our Recommended section to find the product that will work best for your team.

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Most Popular

Our best-selling resources for coaches, players and parents

  • 71 game-tested drills to rapidly improve your youth baseball team
  • Engage your players in practice. Develop their skills. Win more games - starting today!
  • Includes fundamental drills for hitting, baserunning, pitching, position drills, game situation defense, infield and outfield
  • Plus, 11 pre-designed baseball practice plans
  • Designed for ages 6-14 (recreational or competitive)

  • The ultimate pitching program for kids 8-18
  • Includes 31 developmental pitching drills to perfect your mechanics, boost your velocity and improve your control
  • Plus 6 cheat sheets covering pitcher's warmup routine, bullpen procedures, pitching grips, pitching with runners on base and working the strike zone
  • Instant online access - print out the pages you need or save directly to your mobile device

  • 36 at-home hitting drills for a faster, smoother, more powerful swing
  • Refine your mechanics. Boost your bat speed. Improve your vision and timing. Increase your strength and power.
  • Includes 15 printable hitting workout plans. Plus, the "Hitting Mechanics 101" cheat sheet
  • Designed for ages 8-18 (recreational or competitive)

Practice Plans

Time-saving, pre-designed practice schedules for busy coaches


Game-tested drills for swing mechanics, bat speed, and power

Back Yard Hitting Drills eBook

Age 8+
Just $47.00 $7

Hitting Mechanics Mastery

Age 8+
Just $47.00 $9.95

Homework Hitting Online Video Clinic

Age 10+
Just $97.00 $19

Hitting Success Formula eBook

Age 10+
Just $47.00 $7

Dare to Hit .400 Online Video Clinic

Age 12+
Just $40.00 $19

Situational Hitting Online Video Clinic

Age 14+
Just $47.00 $19


Proven drill progressions for pitching mechanics, grips, control and velocity

Fundamental Pitching Drills

Age 8+
Just $27 $7

Back Yard Pitching Drills

Age 8+
Just $27 $9.95

Elite Pitching Skills and Drills

Age 12+
Just $47.00 $19

Pitching Grips 101 eBook

Age 10+
Just $19.95 $7

Pitching Grips 101 Online Video Clinic

Age 10+
Just $120.00 $37

Essential Pitching Drills eBook

Age 8+
Just $19.95 $7

Youth Baseball Pitching Mechanics

Age 8+
Just $47.00 $19

Pitching Mechanics from A-Z

Age 10+
Just $47 $19

Pinpoint Pitching Online Video Clinic

Age 12+
Just $120.00 $17


Defensive skills and strategies to help you win more games

Back Yard Fielding Drills

Age 8+
Just $47.00 $7

Instant Baseball Practice - Outfield Skills and Drills

Age 8+
Just $27.00 $7

Signs and Signals Online Video Clinic

Age 12+
Just $30.00 $19


Proven techniques to manufacture more runs on the basepaths


General drills, conditioning, and coaching tools

Youth Baseball Success System eBook

Age 6-14
Just $47.00 $7

Explosive Baseball eBook

Age 12+
Just $47.00 $9.95

Explosive Baseball Online Video Clinic

Age 12+
Just $60.00 $29


Game-changing resources for serious coaches

Baseball Inner Circle is the Internet's #1 resource for baseball drills, strategies, practice ideas and coaching tips.

Our mission is to provide youth and high school baseball coaches with the simplest, most effective techniques to improve your players skills and have more success with your team.

From pitching, hitting and fielding... to defensive tactics and motivational strategies. We cover every facet of the game using step by step instructions and live video demonstrations from the country's best high school, college, and pro coaches.

Everything is presented to you in easy-to-use online video clinic format, so you can learn from the masters at any time of day or night... from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!


Need help choosing a product? Here's what we recommend for our customers...

  • q-iconI'm brand new to coaching and don't know where to start. What do you recommend for a newbie?

    As a new coach, your first priority should be planning and executing a successful practice. This will help establish your credibility, engage your players, and improve their skills. Check out our Instant Baseball Practice Plans for pre-designed templates you can take right to the field.

  • q-iconI'm working with beginner players under 10. How do I teach the basics?

    Our Youth Baseball Success System ebook gives you a complete, step by step system for developing fundamental skills. Including proven drill progressions for hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning, bunting and short game.

  • q-iconI'm an experienced coach. Can you recommend something more advanced?

    We have several great products designed for experienced coaches and teams. Our Situational Hitting Online Video Clinic breaks down 15 key hitting strategies to help you manufacture more runs and win more games. Team Defensive Drills includes 11 advanced drills to prepare your team for real game situations. And Explosive Baseball will help your players get faster, stronger and more agile on the field.

    And if you want to learn new skills from the top college coaches in the country, check out Baseball Inner Circle.

  • q-iconI'm a player (or parent), not a coach. What are some drills I can use to work out on my own?

    We have several resources created with the player (or parent) in mind.

    Our Back Yard Hitting Drills, Back Yard Pitching Drills, and Back Yard Fielding Drills are all designed for at-home training with one or two people.

    Or, if you’re looking for a video training resource, you should also check out the Homework Hitting online video clinic.

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