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Discover a Complete "Color by Numbers" System For Building a Dominant Baseball Team!

2-Time Big Ten Coach of the Year Reveals His Proven, Step by Step Formula for Championship Baseball

  • Proven drills to ENGAGE your kids in practice
  • Simple coaching tips to rapidly IMPROVE their skills
  • Championship-tested strategies to WIN more games!

Introducing Baseball Coaching Mastery

Baseball Coaching Mastery breaks down all the fundamentals and mechanics you need to become an expert coach.

It's jam-packed with more than 42 championship tested drills to reinforce those skills and transform your team into a powerhouse. Plus, dozens of simple strategies to streamline your coaching, save time, and eliminate coaching stress.

You’ll learn EXACTLY how to teach your kids to:

  • Crush the ball with lightning-quick bat speed and titanic power (even if they're small or skinny)
  • Put more runs on the board with fast-paced, aggressive baserunning
  • Field ground balls, line-drives, and pop-flies with pro-level confidence (no more costly errors!)
  • Fire sizzling throws to any point on the field with laser-like precision
  • Completely dominate a game from the pitcher's mound with flawless technique, mind-blowing velocity and pin-point control

But don't just take it from us...




Your instructor for this online video program is Bob Morgan, a 30 year NCAA veteran, and one of the most accomplished and respected baseball coaches on the planet.

  • Former head coach at Indiana University
  • Lifetime record of 1,070-586-6 (.646 winning pct)
  • 11th winningest NCAA coach of all time
  • 2-time Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year
  • Played professionally with Detroit Tigers

Just sit back, watch, and learn as Coach Morgan takes you through his patented drill progressions for every critical baseball skill.

You'll love his straightforward, no BS teaching style. And you'll be amazed at how fast, fun and easy it can be to improve your baseball team!


Module 1: Hitting Fundamentals and Drills

Online Video Clinic ($40.00 Value)

  • How to break down and teach the mechanics of the swing in 5 simple steps
  • The #1 key to being an aggressive, confident hitter
  • A slightly strange (yet totally effective) "folding chair" drill that actually forces your hitter to take the proper swing path
  • A simple fence drill that quickly eliminates bat-casting or "looping" - and trains your hitter to take a short, compact swing every time
  • Soft toss and whiffle ball drills that reinforce the proper mechanics, while building bat speed and power.
  • Advanced hitting strategy: how to adjust your swing for different pitch counts, wear down the pitcher, and have a quality at-bat every single time
  • And a lot more...

Module 2: Pitching Fundamentals and Drills

Online Video Clinic ($40.00 Value)

  • How to throw the 4 basic pitches. Simple, straightforward instructions for grip and spin
  • An easy 6-step method for teaching flawless pitching mechanics
  • A "soft center" trick that helps pitchers zero in on the target and deliver pitches with jaw-dropping accuracy
  • Pitching strategy: exactly what pitch to throw (and where to throw it) in every situation
  • How to spot hitter's weaknesses and exploit them for easy outs
  • A simple pitching drill progression that reinforces the mechanics, builds stamina, and improves velocity and control (without over-stressing the arm or shoulder)
  • And a lot more...

Module 3: Infield Fundamentals and Drills

Online Video Clinic ($40.00 Value)

  • 10 essential drills to build a top-notch infield, including: Bounce Drill, Backhand Drill, Box Drill, Triangle Drill and more!
  • The most critical (and under-coached) skill in the game. 8 out of 10 coaches forget to practice this!
  • An easy 3-step method for teaching correct ground ball fielding technique.
  • How to tighten up your defense, eliminate errors, and win more ball games!
  • The 1 type of "hop" your infielders should avoid at all costs (this produces 75% of ground ball errors)
  • How to become double-play expert - learn the exact footwork, mechanics, and throwing techniques you'll need to "turn two" like a pro!
  • And a lot more...

Module 4: Outfield Fundamentals and Drills

Online Video Clinic ($40.00 Value)

  • 7 game-tested outfield drills to dramatically improve your defense, including: Wave Drill, Turn and Burn, Inside/Outside Drill and more!
  • Coach Morgan's patented "Hoosier Drill" - combines footwork, communication, fly balls, ground balls, and throwing. Get more reps in less time - and watch your outfielders' skill level skyrocket!
  • Outfield Shifts and Strategy: Exactly where your outfielders should stand, depending on the pitch count, batter's stance and game situation.
  • How to catch a fly ball in the sun without making a costly mistake
  • How to safely and confidently play a ball near the fence
  • And a lot more...

Module 5: Catcher Fundamentals and Drills

Online Video Clinic ($40.00 Value)

  • 8 key drills for building fundamental catcher skills, including: target drill, quick feet drill, wave drill, wild pitch drill, force play drill, pop up drill, spot drill, and box drill
  • Stance Basics: how to set up behind the plate... with and without runners on base.
  • How to frame high, low, inside and outside pitches - without insulting the umpire's intelligence (this is key!)
  • How to reliably block balls in the dirt and keep them in front of you
  • How to throw out a stealing baserunner. Learn the exact footwork and mechanics you'll need to fire sizzling throws to any spot on the field.
  • And a lot more...

Module 6: Baserunning Fundamentals and Drills

Online Video Clinic ($40.00 Value)

  • Baserunning Do's and Don'ts - essential rules and fundamentals for becoming a smart, aggressive baserunning team
  • How to put pressure on the defense and manufacture runs... even if you lack raw speed
  • Advanced Baserunning Strategies: how to force a pitcher to balk... take a "long lead steal"... use the "guess method" to steal second... force a rundown to score from third... and a lot more.
  • Breakthrough tactics for coaches who want to take their baserunning to the next level!
  • And a lot more...



These printable PDF templates show you exactly how to perform all the fundamental skills of baseball. Complete with full color illustrations and detailed coaching tips.

Save to your mobile device, or print and bring right to the field!


Free Bonus: Baseball Motivation Secrets

Inside this exclusive 48-minute online video clinic, Coach Morgan breaks down the 7 key factors to boosting your team's motivation, and helping your athletes play up to their highest potential! You'll learn...

  • How to improve focus and concentration - for more efficient practices and better in-game performance
  • How to create a team of disciplined, enthusiastic kids that always try their best
  • How to help kids handle disappointment and failure, without losing confidence. This SO important in baseball... where even the best hitters fail 70% of the time!
  • And a lot more...

Free Bonus: 10 Principles of Effective Coaching

20-time conference champion coach and renowned clinic speaker Will Freeman breaks down the 10 critical skills every coach should master. You'll learn...

  • How to find the proper balance between winning, fun, and athlete development
  • The absolute best way to deal with negative behavior on the field. How to nip it in the bud and ensure your kid's don't waste your precious practice time
  • Three simple ways to be a better leader.
  • The #1 key to running better practices... plus, how to use "feedback loops" to steadily improve your players throughout the season
  • And a lot more...

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