Attention Baseball Coaches and Parents

Does Your Pitcher Make These 5 Common Mistakes?

Here's how to spot and correct the 5 most common mechanical pitching errors. With detailed drills to improve your mechanics, boost your velocity, and develop laser-guided command and control!

For a pitcher, there's nothing more frustrating than struggling to throw strikes.

And for a coach (or parent), there's nothing more heartbreaking than watching a kid give free pass after free pass to first.

Missing high... low... left... right... sending the catcher scurrying to the backstop after every pitch.

It's embarrassing for the kid.

It's demoralizing for your team.

And it's agonizing for most coaches (trust me - I've been there!)

Here's The Hardest Part

The entire pitching motion happens in the blink of an eye.

And even for experienced coaches, it's almost impossible to spot the mechanical errors your pitcher is making!

Unless... you know exactly what you're looking for.


Pitching Faults and Fixes

Inside, you'll discover exactly how to spot and correct the 5 most common mechanical pitching errors. Complete with detailed drills to skyrocket your pitcher's skill level.

It’s simple to grasp, easy to implement, and 100% SAFE to use for all ages.

Each drill is broken down with step by step video instructions... coaching tips... and printable "cheat sheets" you can take right to the field.

Perfect for youth baseball coaches. Baseball parents. Or anyone who wants to improve their kid's pitching skills - FAST.

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The Ultimate Skill Development Plan

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  • Step by Step Video Instruction

    NAIA Hall of Fame Coach Scott Berry breaks down his complete system for spotting and correcting the most common pitching flaws

  • Key Coaching Points

    Bullet point summaries of each video, written in plain English. Helping you understand key concepts, and accelerate your results (even if this is all new to you).

  • Printable PDF "Cheat Sheets"

    Easy-to-use drill instructions you can take right to the field. Just download and print… or save to your phone.

Your Instructor: Coach Scott Berry

  • 36 seasons as Head Coach at Mayville State University (ND)
  • 23 regular season championships
  • NAIA Hall of Fame
  • 3 NAIA Regional Titles
  • Career record of 1058-585-1
  • 23 time Conference Coach of the Year
  • 9 time District 12 Coach of the Year
  • 4-time NAIA Region Coach of the Year

The 5 Most Common Pitching Flaws

Coach Berry breaks down the 5 most common mechanical problems pitchers face at every competitive level. And provides simple tweaks and coaching tips to immediately correct them.

  • Flaw #1 - Rushing: The pitcher gets his body way out in front and his arm drags behind. This problem is often caused by over-exuberance... and leads to missing pitches high and low
  • Flaw #2 - Throwing Open the Front Side: This is caused by the pitcher rotating his upper torso too much during the delivery and release phase.
  • Flaw #3 - Arm Wrapping: The pitcher twists the upper torso too much, causing him to wrap arm behind his back and throwing his entire body out of out of alignment. This results in poor horizontal control, missing pitches to the left and the right.
  • Flaw #4 - Bad Arm Angle: By throwing "too overhand" the pitcher over-arches his back, throwing him off balance and out of alignment
  • Flaw #5 - Incomplete Follow Through: The pitcher fails to properly extend the arm and allow it time and space to naturally decelerate (this one flaw can cause major elbow and shoulder problems)

6 Step by Step Drills for Better Mechanics

Next we'll break down 6 simple drills designed to correct these mechanical flaws. All demonstrated with step by step video instructions and detailed coaching tips.

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