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This brand new collection of Multi-Purpose Drills is designed to simulate real game situations and prepare your team for live competition.

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Instead of waiting in long lines, these drills use multiple balls to get every player involved on every repetition. So you can get the most out of practice in the least amount of time!

Develop Technical AND Tactical Skills

Your kids will practice essential throwing, catching and fielding skills in situations that translate directly to real competition.

So they'll be calmer and better prepared on game day... and execute like a well-oiled machine!

Easy to Modify for All Levels

Each one of these drills can be performed using a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Variation.

So you can plug and play directly into your practices, whether you coach Little League, Travel Ball, or High School!

📦 What's Inside?

36 Game-Like Drills That Get Every Player Involved

The book is broken down into 10 parts. Each part includes a set of 2-3 individual drills that work on a specific game situation for your team. Followed by a Multi-Purpose drill that combines them together.

Part 1

  • Left Infield Grounders
  • Right Infield Grounders
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 1

Part 2

  • Stealing Second
  • Pitcher Covers First
  • Play at Third
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 2

Part 3

  • Stealing Third
  • Bunt to Pitcher, Play at First
  • 6-4-3 Double Play
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 3

Part 4

  • 1B Pickoff
  • Bunt to Pitcher, Play at Third
  • 4-6-3 Double Play
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 4

Part 5

  • 1-2-3 Double Play
  • Alternating Double Plays
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 5

Part 6

  • Pitcher Double Plays
  • 5-2-3 Double Play
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 6

Part 7

  • 3-6-1 Double Play
  • 3B Slow Rollers
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 7

Part 8

  • First and Third Cutoff Play
  • Bunt to 3B
  • Bunt to 1B
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 8

Part 9

  • Wild Pitch
  • Bunt to 1B or 3B
  • Middle Infield Double Play
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 9

Part 5

  • Comebackers
  • 3B and 2B Double Plays
  • SS and 1B Double Plays
  • Multi-Purpose Drill 10

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I liked the variety of drills that I learned. This made practices much more fun. We now have competition games at every practice that energized the kids. All volunteer coaches could benefit from coaching help. I have even suggested the league invest in this type of online instruction for all the coaches.

Joe Tesorero, Novi HEAT 13U Travel Baseball Club, Novi , Michigan

I picked up a lot of great ideas since I work with kids as young as four up through high school. The kids love the drills and I enjoyed how detailed they were. All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Daniel Flores , Ft Worth TX Little Yankees

My favorite part was the convenience and easy access. The system guides you through the basics that work, and we saw improved mechanics for all players.

Coach Dan, Sluggers, Franklin, WI

The system helped me keep things organized and help me determine which activities and/or drills are the ones I want/need given the development of players on our team. I especially like the practice plans I can print and take with me. I'm able to add notes as needed and then have various coaching tips at my finger tips

Marty Jankowiak, Greendale Panthers, Greendale, WI

About the Author: Coach Bob Morgan

  • Former head coach at Indiana University
  • Lifetime record of 1,070-586-6 (.646 winning pct)
  • 11th winningest NCAA coach of all time
  • 2-time Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year
  • Played professionally with Detroit Tigers

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