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Online Video Clinic #1 ($39.97 value)

Total Hitting

Featuring Steve Cramblitt (10-Time Utah State Champion, ABCA National High School Coach of the Year)

  • How to increase bat speed by up to 37% with a simple 2-inch bat position adjustment (find it at 12:48)
  • How to develop a short, quick swing in 3 easy steps. (HINT: keep the hands as close as possible to the "power source" - 32:34)
  • How to keep the bat in the hitting zone for up to 55% longer... just by making a tiny swing path adjustment (35:01)
  • A sure-fire way to get your weakest hitters on base (47:48)
  • And much more...

Online Video Clinic #2 ($39.97 value)

Baseball Pitching Drills

Featuring Bob Bennett (17-Time Conference Champions, Fresno State)

  • 7 simple steps to pro-level pitching mechanics. So easy to learn, your pitchers will master this in just one practice! (22:35)
  • An amazing "Shoestring Drill" that trains your pitchers to stay balanced and on alignment through the entire throwing motion. So they come "straight downhill" toward the plate with sizzling fastballs and jaw-dropping curves. (37:19)
  • A brilliant drill (invented by Nolan Ryan), that literally "programs" your pitchers to get maximum extension in the arms and chest. (39:31)
  • And much more...

Online Video Clinic #3 ($39.97 value)

Top 10 Hitting Drills

Featuring Steve Cramblitt (10-Time Utah State Champion, ABCA National High School Coach of the Year)

  • A simple drill that teaches young players to transfer power from the lower body and core into the swing (6:00)
  • An amazingly effective 3-minute "hoop drill" that provides instant feedback on swing mechanics and timing (17:33)
  • The 8 most common hitting mistakes young players make... and EXACTLY how to correct them. You'll discover simple coaching tips to fix overstriding, lunging, wrist-rolling, and more! (32:09)
  • And much more...

Online Video Clinic #4 ($39.97 value)

Total Baseball

Featuring Jeff Mercer (MLB Scout, Championship HS and College Coach)

  • How to add an extra 2-4 mph in throwing velocity... just by using a simple "glove tuck" technique (6:27)
  • The one hitting drill you should always begin your batting practice with (31:08)
  • 2 fundamental baserunning techniques every coach should know (41:14)
  • And much more...

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