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Discover 23 Fun Baseball Games To Develop Fundamental Skills!

Learn How To Run a Super-Fun, Game-Based Practice Your Kids Will Absolutely Love!

Are You Stuck Using "Traditional" Drills At Practice?

Lining up the kids to repeat the same skills over and over? Recycling the same drills you learned from your coach back in high school?

Don't Worry... There's a Better Way!

It's called the "games" approach. And smart coaches all over the world are now using it to get more fun and engagement into their practices.

The focus is on learning the game while playing the game

Introducing Game-Based Baseball Drills

Inside this brand new ebook, we've broken down 23 of the best game-based baseball drills for all ages and ability levels.

Each drill is designed to develop and test your players' skills in the funnest way possible.

Instead of going through the motions, your players compete against their teammates in a live, game-like situation.

They won't just memorize the skill. They learn how to use that skill in a real game situation against live opponents.

Better Practices. Faster Skill Development. More FUN on the Field!

Instead of your normal ground ball drill, try the Infield Knockout game!

Instead of boring baserunning drills, try the "3-2-1 Run" Contest!

Instead of your usual batting practice, try the Crunch Time Scrimmage!

Your kids will pay more attention. Try harder. And quickly the master the fundamentals of the game.

📦 What's Inside?

23 Fun, Game-Based Baseball Drills

Each drill combines multiple skills in a game-like situation. With fun activities for hitting, throwing, catching, fielding and baserunning. You'll get step by step instructions, detailed diagrams, coaching tips, and modifications for teams at all levels.

  • Relay Race
  • Pinball
  • Wide Receiver
  • Infield Knockout
  • 5 Ball Scramble
  • Bunt-Off
  • Soft Toss Scrimmage
  • Hole in One Drill
  • Elmo Drill
  • King of the Hill
  • Goalie Drill
  • Last Man Standing
  • Doubles Drill
  • Two Ball Toss
  • Pressure Hitting Drill
  • 3 Team Scrimmage
  • Arizona Drill
  • 21 Catching
  • Belly Up Drill
  • 3-2-1 Run
  • Ultimate Baseball
  • Chasedown Drill
  • Crunch Time Scrimmage

6 Printable Game-Based Practice Plans

You'll also get instant access to six step by step practice plans you can bring right to the field Just print out the page, or save directly to your phone for easy access. Each one includes time blocks, drill descriptions and diagrams guiding you every step of the way.

  • Two x 60 Minute Practice Plans for Beginner Teams
  • Two x 90 Minute Practice Plans for Intermediate Teams
  • Two x 120 Minute Practice Plans for Advanced Teams

⚾ How To Run An Amazing Practice Today

🇺🇸 Changing Coaches Lives Across the Country

I liked the variety of drills that I learned. This made practices much more fun. We now have competition games at every practice that energized the kids. All volunteer coaches could benefit from coaching help. I have even suggested the league invest in this type of online instruction for all the coaches.

Joe Tesorero, Novi HEAT 13U Travel Baseball Club, Novi , Michigan

I picked up a lot of great ideas since I work with kids as young as four up through high school. The kids love the drills and I enjoyed how detailed they were. All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Daniel Flores , Ft Worth TX Little Yankees

My favorite part was the convenience and easy access. The system guides you through the basics that work, and we saw improved mechanics for all players.

Coach Dan, Sluggers, Franklin, WI

The system helped me keep things organized and help me determine which activities and/or drills are the ones I want/need given the development of players on our team. I especially like the practice plans I can print and take with me. I'm able to add notes as needed and then have various coaching tips at my finger tips

Marty Jankowiak, Greendale Panthers, Greendale, WI

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