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The complete collection includes 5 step by step ebooks, featuring 79 skill-building drills and 25 step by step practice plans.

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Instant Baseball Practice

All Around Skill Development

($19.00 value) - 17 fully illustrated drills, plus 5 all-around skill development practice plans

  • Baseball Golf
  • Ground Ball Faceoff
  • Partner Knee Throws
  • Baserunning Circuit
  • Four Square
  • First Base Decision
  • Second Base Decision
  • Tee Derby
  • Rapid Toss Hitting
  • Basketball Power Hitting
  • High Low Toss Hitting
  • Reaction Drill
  • Recovery Drill
  • Bunt-Off
  • Line Drive Contest
  • 9 Outs Drill
  • 4 Point Game

Instant Baseball Practice

Hitting Skills and Drills

($19.00 value) - 17 fully illustrated drills, plus 5 hitting-themed practice plans

  • Swing and Sprint
  • Front Toss Drill
  • Bunt Visualization
  • Coach Knockout
  • Carry the Team
  • Hitting H.O.R.S.E.
  • PItcher's Count
  • 3-Pitch Sets
  • Blind Tee Drill
  • And more...

Instant Baseball Practice

Infield Skills and Drills

($19.00 value) - 15 fully illustrated drills, plus 5 infielding-themed practice plans

  • Grounder Goalie
  • Goooooal!
  • Knock Down
  • Jump Pivot Triangle
  • Pick from the Helmet
  • Trash Can Relay
  • Wild Pitch Prep
  • Underhand Flip Force Out
  • Catch Pivot Throw Relay
  • And more...

Instant Baseball Practice

Outfield Skills and Drills

($19.00 value) - 16 fully illustrated drills, plus 5 outfielding-themed practice plans

  • Interceptor Drill
  • Distance PR
  • First to Fifteen
  • Footwork Tennis
  • Shout it Out Drill
  • Crow Hop Corners
  • Dive Drill
  • Fence Fly Drill
  • Extra Base Hit Drill
  • And more...

Instant Baseball Practice

Baserunning Skills and Drills

($19.00 value) - 14 fully illustrated drills, plus 5 baserunning-themed practice plans

  • Learn to Slide
  • Slide Under the Tag
  • Second Base Steal
  • Delay Steal
  • Tennis Ball Sprint
  • Progressive Tag Up
  • Score from Second
  • Wild Pitch
  • Small Ball
  • And more...

That's 79 Drills and 25 Practice Plans!

All explained with step by step instructions, detailed diagrams and coaching tips. So you can learn these techniques and start using them at your very next practice - tonight if you want!

And the results are fast too. Every drill in this collection was chosen for maximum gains in minimum time. If you put the work in, I guarantee your team's skill level will SKYROCKET in just a few short practices...

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