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Dear Friend,

Do you know the single most important factor for pitching success? Is it...

a) Velocity
b) Command (ie. Control)
c) Movement
d) Changing Speeds

A lot of young pitchers (and inexperienced coaches) would shoot up their hand and blurt out "Velocity!" right off the bat.

After all, most kids dream of lighting up the radar guns and blowing heaters past overwhelmed batters.

But if you look at the some of the most dominant pitchers of our generation - guys like Jamie Moyer, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux - it was their command of the ball that made them so darn successful… their ability to hit spots with jaw-dropping consistency and precision.

Now... don't get me wrong.

A 90 mph fastball is a potent weapon. But it's not much help if your pitcher is sailing it 3 feet over the catcher's head... or burying it in the dirt in front of the plate.

Not to mention... velocity is often limited by size, strength, or athleticism. In a lot of cases, there's only so much a coach can do to increase a pitcher's speed.

But almost any player can learn
to locate the ball effectively...

You don't need any "special" skills, size or "natural talent." Just the right information, the right coaching, and a right desire to improve!

It all starts with the mechanics - mastering a consistent, repeatable, mechanically sound pitching motion.

The key to establishing control is to move your body in a direct line toward the plate, while landing in a stable position with all forces directed at the target.

If you're landing on an unstable base, prematurely lifting the back leg, or falling off toward either side of the mound, it's almost impossible to consistently hit your spots.

Once your pitcher has the mechanics down, it's just a matter of muscle memory - using the correct drills, pitch patterns, coaching cues, and practice routines to develop the skills for superior command.

The entire process is explained in step by step detail inside this new online video clinic, "Pinpoint Pitching."

Inside, you'll discover a simple, A-B-C formula for helping your pitchers develop lethal command and control for their fastball, curveball, and changeup... so they can locate the ball anywhere inside (or outside) the strike zone... at any speed they want... with 100% confidence and consistency.

Your instructor for this online clinic is Guy Simmons, a nationally recognized clinic speaker and one of the country's top pitching coaches. Coach Simmons explains the process in a simple, easy-to-understand way that's easy for anyone to grasp… whether you're a grizzled baseball veteran… or it's your first time stepping onto the field.

The online clinic is divided into 4 sections, running about 51 minutes in total.

Pinpoint Pitching Mechanics

You'll begin with a detailed explanation of why mechanics affect your pitcher's ability to control the ball… and how important it is to create mechanical efficiency.

Then, Coach Simmons takes you through each phase of the pitching motion, pointing out the common mistakes most pitchers make, and providing simple, easy coaching cues and corrections. You'll learn…

The #1 key to mastering control of your pitches.
A HUGE footwork mistake that throws off your pitcher's equilibrium, destroys his balance, and completely sabotages his delivery. Go straight to 3:59 to see what it is… and learn exactly how to fix it!
A simple 3-inch "tweak" in your plate-side leg lift that immediately boosts the velocity of your fastball… without sacrificing control!
How to fire the backside and generate torque through the midsection, for a more fluid, more powerful move towards the plate
A super-effective "chin-pointing" technique that automatically corrects your pitcher's alignment, for a precise, repeatable delivery to any location in the strike zone
The most common error pitchers make during the finish. Learn what it is, and exactly how to stop it
Should your pitchers throw at max effort? Or hold back a bit to maintain control? Go to 22:35 to get the answer to this controversial question…

Pinpoint Pitching Patterns

Next, Coach Simmons takes you through the 4 critical pitch patterns your kids should be working on at every practice:

6-Pitch Fastball Pattern
6-Pitch Curveball Pattern
5-Pitch Changeup Pattern
5-Pitch "Wave" Pattern

These routines give your kids a tight, structured approach for working on their mechanics in practice, while adding the pressure and intensity of a real game situation.

You'll learn which locations of the strike zone are most effective for pitchers to target… and how to hit those spots with pinpoint precision!

Pinpoint Pitching Drills

Now that you understand the mechanical details behind superior pitching control, and how to structure your pitching practice with patterns, Coach Simmons reveals his six favorite control pitching drills.

Each one is explained with simple instructions, and demonstrated to perfection by elite-level pitchers.

Knee Pattern Drill: learn how to isolate the upper body, create torque through the midsection, and reach directly to the target
Curveball Drill: train your pitchers to rotate the shoulders and release the ball out front, for a big-breaking curve ball that's practically unhittable!
Power Drill: builds strength in the back leg and shoulder, for stunning velocity and precision on every pitch
Balance Drill: creates superior muscle memory in the lower body and core, for better balance and control on the mound
Lift to Balance Drill: teaches your pitchers to bring the lead leg as high as possible, while keeping the head over the pivot foot and driving strongly toward the plate
Glide to Stride Drill: reinforces a smooth, fluid pitching motion, while preventing your kids from "forward leaking", or "premature leg kick"

Bringing it All Together

To finish the online clinic Coach Simmons takes you through the entire pitching motion from set-up to finish… demonstrating the mechanics for both righties and lefties.

You'll see the most common errors your players are likely to make, and learn some killer coaching cues and pointers to help you shorten the learning curve…. and get the most dramatic improvements in the least possible time!

Superior command is the greatest asset your pitcher can have. And anyone can do it, no matter how short, small, or inexperienced you are. It's amazing what your pitchers can accomplish once they master this important skill! 

Target a hitter's weak spots… and avoid his "wheelhouse."

Use your scouting reports to identify your competition's strengths and weaknesses, and deliver specific pitches to specific parts of the strike zone for easy outs!

Eliminate fear and hesitation, and build rock-solid confidence on the mound!

The ability to hit spots gives your pitchers an amazing sense of inner strength. They KNOW they can throw strikes when they need to. They KNOW they can go head to head with the biggest, baddest hitters in your league. And they KNOW they can get themselves out of a jam.

Put more "W's" up on the board.

You can say "goodbye" to the frustrations of poor pitching and unmet expectations. No more pulling your hair out after another bases-loaded walk. No more giving up big leads late in games.

Your pitchers will improve by leaps and bounds once they learn these simple techniques. You'll have more success on the field. And more fun coaching your team!

Best of all...

There's No Experience Necessary...
And It Works For Pitchers Of All Ages!

Whether you're brand new to coaching or an experienced veteran...

Whether you're working with an elite travel team or local Little Leaguers...

Whether you coach 8 year olds, 12 year olds, or 18 year olds...

None of that matters.

"Pinpoint Pitching" is guaranteed to produce immediate, dramatic results for you and your pitcher right away,

Or I'll Pay For It Out Of My Own Pocket!

That's right! You can test drive this online clinic for a full 60 days with no risk whatsoever. Simply watch the videos, try out the tips and drills, and see if they work for you.

If you're not seeing a HUGE improvement in your pitcher's command and control, just let me know and I'll send you a full 100% refund with no questions asked!

So what's a resource like this worth?

Well, just for the sake of comparison, a typical pitching lesson will run you between $80 to $120 an hour. And it's a one-shot deal... you'd better remember what was taught... or you're back out there the following week, shelling out another handful of 20's.

The beauty of this online video clinic is how simple it is to use.

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device, or save them to your hard drive to access any time.

You can even bring them into practice and show the techniques directly to your pitchers!

It's easy. No special skills or fancy software required. If you can watch a video on Youtube, then you have everything you need to get started with "Pinpoint Pitching" right now.

Bottom Line: once you're in, you're IN. Registering for this online clinic today gets you complete lifetime access to all the material with no restrictions or time limits.

And you can get everything today, for just $47.00 $37! An incredible bargain that's only good for this part of the season.

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Yours for better pitching control...

Coach Kenny Buford

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Why would I make such a generous offer?

Because I know how much these tips will HELP you. I know how much more FUN you'll have coaching your pitchers. And I know how much BETTER your team will play after you introduce these simple concepts.

Listen. If some coaches want to "stick it to me" and
try to rip me off with this deal, then that's on them...

I know that 99.9% of the folks in our community are honest.

I know you'll give this online clinic the honest shot it deserves... and you'll be so impressed with the results, it'll be the best investment you'll make all season! So go ahead and click the Add to Cart button below now and get started today!



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