Attention Baseball Coaches and Parents

Discover 41 Proven Bat Speed Drills for a More Explosive, More Powerful Swing

The #1 Secret to Better Hitting

The best hitters in the world have the fastest bats.

It's true at every level from Little League to the Bigs.


First... hitters with higher bat speeds have more time to judge the speed and trajectory of the pitch... so they make better decisions, and make more consistent contact.

Second... the faster you swing, the harder and further the ball goes. That means more hard-hit balls, more base-hits, and more home runs!

Bat Speed Training Made Easy!

Introducing Essential Bat Speed Drills - a new step by step Skill Development Plan that shows you exactly how to inject more "pop" into your bat.

Inside, MLB Hitting Coach Luis Ortiz breaks down 41 simple, fun and effective drills you can use at team batting practice or right in your back yard.

Each drill is explained with video instruction, demonstrations and key coaching points. Plus, printable drill sheets you can take right to practice!

Your Instructor: Coach Luis Ortiz

14 Year Pro Baseball Player (Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers)
All-American at Union University (Jackson, TN)
First Dominican-Born Major Leaguer to Earn His College Degree
MLB Hitting Coach Since 2013 (Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers)

Step by Step Video Instruction

MLB Hitting Instructor reveals the simple secrets to injecting more "pop" into your bat and hitting more home runs

Key Coaching Points

Each drill includes simple instructions, demonstrations and coaching pointers to accelerate your results.

Printable Drill Sheets

Easy-to-use, downloadable drill sheets in PDF format. Just download and print or save to your phone.

πŸ“¦ What's Inside?

41 Proven Drills to Immediately Boost Your Bat Speed

Drill #3: A killer "5-swing stopwatch" drill that builds pro-level fast-twitch muscle strength in the wrists, forearms and shoulders
Drill #11: 2 totally original partner tee-drills that your players will go "gaga" for. It's the most fun they'll have in batting practice all season!
Drill #16: How to train your hitters to accelerate their swing as they blast through the ball - the real key to jaw-dropping line drives and extra-base hits
Drill #22: The simple "hand-cross" trick that ensures your kids use a short, compact swing, for better bat speed, more solid contact, more base hits, and more runs on the board!
Drill #24: The #1 secret to delivering far more concentrated "juice" to the ball. HINT: you won't be swinging "harder," just more efficiently
Drill #29: An advanced (yet easy to learn) soft-toss reaction drill that builds mind-blowing bat speed, teaching your kids to turn on a 90mph fastball as easily as pointing their finger
Drill #33: Where 60% of your hitting power REALLY comes from (this will surprise you!)
Drill #36: An amazing plyometric routine that shocks the hitter's nervous system and literally forces him to swing harder and faster. Amazing results in just a few minutes of practice!
Drill #39: A simple "Slash" drill that produces an immediate and astonishing boost in bat speed
And a lot more!

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Changing Coaches Lives Across The Country

I liked the variety of drills that I learned. This made practices much more fun and energized the kids.

Joe Teseroro

Novi HEAT 13U, 
Novi, Michigan

All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Daniel Flores

Little Yankees, 
Fort Worth, Texas

The system guides you through the basics that work, and we saw improved mechanics for all players.

Coach Dan

Franklin, Wisconsin

I especially liked the practice plans I can print and take with me. Helped keep things organized and determine which drills I need.

Marty Jankowiak

Greendale Panthers, 
Greendale, Wisconsin

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