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Baseball Tutorials Pro helps you master the fundamentals, improve your players' skills, and propel your team to greatness

Baseball Tutorials PRO is jam-packed with 12+ all-new Skill Development Plans covering hitting, pitching, fielding and baserunning.

It's everything you need to master the fundamentals of the game and help your team succeed on the field this season!

You'll get instant access to our complete video library, including step by step video instructions, coaching points and "insider" tips to accelerate your improvement.

Plus, our entire collection of Printable Coaching Cheat Sheets, including Skill Checklists, Templates, Award Certificates and Drill Illustrations. All designed to save you time and make your life easier.

Component #1

πŸ“¦ 12 Step by Step Skill Development Plans

Hitting 101 for Youth Baseball

The fastest, easiest way to teach hitting to kids under 12

Supreme 7 Hitting Drills

7 tried & true developmental hitting drills for youth baseball

Pinpoint Pitching Mechanics

Precision-based pitching mechanics for maximum power and control

Pitching Faults and Fixes

How to spot and correct the 5 most common mechanical errors

Infield Fundamentals and Techniques

How to develop an All-Star infielder from A to Z

Outfield Fundamentals and Techniques

How to develop an All-Star outfielder from A to Z

Game Situation Infield Drills

9 drills for throwing, catching, tagging, grounders and double plays

Game Situation Outfield Drills

5 challenging drills for throwing, catching, fly balls and relays

Catcher Daily Development Drills

6 essential drills for catcher fundamentals

Outfield DailyDevelopment Drills

5 essential drills for outfield fundamentals

Pitcher Daily
Development Drills

5 essential drills for pitching fundamentals

PinpointPitching Drills

5 skill-building drills to improve mechanics, control, and velocity

In all that's more than 107 step by step video segments.

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All designed to skyrocket your coaching skills and help your team win more games.

And once you see how incredibly natural, astonishingly effective and ridiculously EASY these techniques are to learn... you'll wonder why nobody ever taught you these secrets before!

This is NOT a Random Collection of Videos You Can Find on YouTube

Each Skill Development Plan follows a proven progression of carefully selected drills that you won't find anywhere else.

They're simple to learn and easy to teach. No matter how little (or how much) baseball experience you have right now.

And you know you can trust this advice, because it comes from some of the most accomplished and respected coaches on the planet!

πŸ† Our "Dream Team" of Instructors

Bob Morgan
(Indiana University)

Lifetime record of 1,070-586-6 (.646 winning pct)
11th winningest NCAA coach of all time
2-time Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year

David Altopp
(Lee University)

American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
Two-time NAIA Baseball Coach of the Year

Scott Berry
(Mayville State University)

American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
23-time Conference Coach of the Year
Lifetime coaching record of 1012-573-1

Component #2

⚾️ Drill Sheets

All the drills from the Skill Development Plans, explained with clear instructions, coaching tips, and variations.

Turn and Burn Drill
Hoosier Drill
Prep Step Drill
And a lot more...

Component #3

πŸ“„ Skill Checklists

Illustrated checklists to help you teach key skills in practice.

Swing Mechanics Checklist
Fly Ball Checklist
Double Play Checklist
And a lot more...

Component #4

🧒 Coach Templates

Easy-to-use templates to help you organize practices, scout opponents, plan game strategy and communicate with your team.

Quality At Bat Chart
Parent Meeting Agenda
Lineup Card
And a lot more...

Component #5

πŸ… Award Certificates

Keep your team happy and motivated with these professionally designed award certificates. Great for end-of-season parties.

Hustle Award
Most Valuable Parent
Most Improved
And a lot more...

That's a $293.30 Value.
For only $9.95 a month!

Why waste time and energy finding your own drills... when you can tap into more than 93 years of college coaching experience and get the best stuff straight from the source!

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Baseball Tutorials Pro instantly gives you the skills, knowledge and tools you need to accelerate your team's performance, win more games, and finally become the coach you've always wanted to be!

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